Odds of Selling A Home In Paradise Valley Luxury Home market.

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So you have decided or thinking about putting your Paradise Valley Luxury Home, Mansion, or Private estate on the market but don’t know what to expect.  Well Here at Lavish Pad Boutique we decided to answer the question for you.

What are the odds of Selling my Home in Paradise Valley?

It’s no surprise you have a 100% and greater chance of selling your home listed at 1.5 million and below price range because PV is the most prestigious zip code in Arizona, its centrally located, is desert living at its fullest but centrally located to everything, and surrounded by mountain.  A true Paradise Valley Mansion will run you anywhere from low 2M upwards of 10M.  The median home price although is around 1.1M to get something that is truly considered a home in Paradise Valley you are looking at 1.8-2.5 million.  So it’s easy to see why any home listed at 1.5 or below will sell, it’s a no brainer and to most is already considered a deal in PV.  You do have to understand that these values represent sales and sales in our market are homes priced right.  Now of course not any home priced within the price range up to 1.5M will sell, in all honesty if you are priced too high the home will never sell.  That’s why you need a true professional, someone or a team who knows values, knows the market, and knows how to market a home.

The graph below breaks down price ranges, sold in 3 months 6 months and 9 months, divided with the current homes listed today including pending and awc listings.

January – September 2012

Price Range Sold (Jan – March) Sold (Jan – June) Sold (Jan – Sept) Currently Listed
500-999K 41 88 115 53
1M – 1.499M 22 53 68 64
1.5M – 1.999M 10 32 47 63
2M – 2.499M 3 10 21 28
2.5 – 2.999M 2 6 10 25
3M – 3.999M 2 10 12 31
4M Plus 3 4 4 37
Median Price
Price Range Odds in 3Mo Odds in 6Mo Odds in 9Mo
500-999K 77% 166% 217%
1M – 1.499M 34% 83% 106%
1.5M – 1.999M 16% 51% 75%
2M – 2.499M 11% 36% 75%
2.5 – 2.999M 8% 24% 40%
3M – 3.999M 6% 32% 39%
4M Plus 8% 11% 11%

We here at Lavish Pad Boutique hope you find this info useful.  Every property is different and if you would like a market analysis on your own personal residence let us know.  Our advice and info is always free. Get your home listed today, sold by tomorrow!

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