Your Home Selling Odds in Paradise Valley & Arcadia, Arizona

Looking to list your home in Paradise Valley or Arcadia?

Below you will find your chances of selling your home within a certain price range.  Although real estate is so unpredictable there is one thing about real estate that is no lie and that’s numbers.  These numbers state what has sold from January – March 2013 Vs. What is listed today broken down by price range.  Paradise Valley will always far exceed Arcadia but both markets are similar.  Our luxury home market is strong upwards of 1.5-2M but beyond that it’s a very unpredictable market.  There are homes priced over the 2M that sit for a few days and others that will sit for years.  There are very few buyers in this price range and some will take a while to find or are ready to purchase.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to give feedback, what has your experience been like if you have listed a home?

Looking to Sell your Home in Paradise Valley or Arcadia Start with a FREE HOME VALUATION.

Most Expensive Home Sold Paradise ValleyMost Expensive Home Sells in Paradise Valley 8.25 Million

Paradise Valley

Price Range Sold (Jan – March) Listed Today Odds
Up to 500K 12 19 63%
500 – 725K 10 7 142%
725 – 1M 17 28 61%
1M – 1.5M 36 53 68%
1.5M – 2M 10 58 17%
2M – 3M 10 78 13%
3M – 4M 3 38 8%
4M – 5M 1 20 5%
5M Plus 2 23 9%


Most Expensive Home Sold ArcadiaArcadia Home Sells for 7.7 Million


Price Range Sold (Jan – March) Listed Today Odds
Up to 500K 129 91 141%
500 – 725K 27 36 75%
725 – 1M 10 26 39%
1M – 1.5M 14 21 67%
1.5M – 2M 5 19 26%
2M – 3M 0 11  
3M – 4M 0 7  
4M – 5M 0 0  
5M Plus 1 1 100%

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