Today’s Luxury Home and Design is all about the Kids, The New Luxury Kids Rooms!


The Wall Street Journal had an excellent article on this.  Many parents now a day’s want to keep the kids at home more and prefer them to stick around after they have completed school.  So what are they doing?  They are designing the children’s rooms and the property with the kids in mind.  Some rooms will have a secret passage door, I read about a batman inspired theme, some parents have gone as far as allowing the child to design and manage the project with a budget of 300K, 500K 800K, plus.  Parents would also love for the kids to stay at home past high school so they design or build homes large enough for them to live with them for a long time.  Some are buying properties that include dethatched guest houses that way the children are only a few steps away.

Kids are a huge part in today’s real estate purchases, designs, and new built.   Today’s luxury homes, mansions, Penthouse condos, and Lavish Pads have to attract to not only the people signing the check for the property but also their children, you must always think of kids when designing or building a property for a family.

Wall Street Journal – The New Luxury Kids Room


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