Lavish pAdZ Top 8 Phoenix, AZ Hiking Trails; Best City & Desert Views from the Top

Welcome 100+ Degree temps oh so I don’t miss you and you’re making an unexpected appearance much sooner than anticipated for us here in Phoenix, Arizona (Valley of the Sun). It’s time to go in the closet, take out my hiking boots, and get summer fit. My daily gym routine is going to change from weights and cardio to running, walking, and hiking. Lavish pAdZ has compiled a list of the best hiking trails in Phoenix, Arizona and throughout.

From Mountains to bolders, to javalinas/snakes/bobcats (keep a look out), to killer city & desert views Phoenix, AZ is rich in hiking trails. Recognized by the likes of National Geographic (Best U.S Hiking Cities). With spring past us and entering summer, if you have not already done so it’s time to break out those hiking boots and head off into one of our beautiful trails. But before you do make sure that you are prepared with water water and more water (Not only with you but make sure you have drank enough as well before heading out), a phone, and a camera.

Hiking on Camelback Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona. (model released)


  1. South Mountain Park

Located at 10919 S. Central Ave Phoenix, AZ… Park at the Pima Canyon Trailhead and wander a nest of well-mapped trails, or tackle all or part of the 14.3-mile National Trail, which leads to spectacular lookouts on South Mountain over Phoenix and Camelback Mountain, another classic local summit hike.

At 17,000 acres, South Mountain Park is the largest municipal park in the world, a veritable wilderness within the city of Phoenix. Javelinas and coyotes prowl the 58 miles of trails studded with saguaros, spindly ocotillos, and cholla cacti that bloom lipstick-pink in spring.

  1. Cholla Trail

Located at 6131 E Cholla Ln Paradise Valley, AZ 85253… Public parking is limited to parallel parking in permitted areas along the west side of Invergordon Road, just south of Cholla Lane, in areas signed for parking. There are a small number of spots available for parking on the east side of Invergordon; however there are extensive areas on Invergordon on which parking is prohibited by on-street “No Parking” signs.

This trail is a stunner. At the summit, of the camel’s biggest hump at 2,704 feet, you have killer 360 degree views of the entire valley of the sun. This is considered as one of the more difficult hikes and you should come prepared. Starting at the tail of the camel, winding its way up the first hump, down through the saddle, and finally up the second hump, ending at the summit.  BRING WATER, CAMERA, AND PHONE. Don’t be one of the recues on the evening news please.

Great Story Here-


  1. Echo Canyon

echocanyon01Located at 4925 E McDonald Dr Paradise Valley, AZ 85253… “Echo Canyon hiking is back and better than ever for valley residents and visitors who love to hike through and view our beautiful desert and mountain landscape. Just re-opening Jan 15th after going through a $4.34 million renovation that includes new restrooms, a new ramada, a chilled water fountain, 17 additional bike racks and expanded car parking, from 68 to 135 spaces..  This is a must for valley residents & Visitors.  Hiking the entire trail to the top of Camelback Mountain is a greater climb than ascending all 103 floors of the Empire State Building, one sign warns.

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  1. Piestiwa Peak

Located at 2701 E Squaw Peak Dr Phoenix, AZ 85016… This is right near 24th Street and Lincoln (in the middle of Phoenix). Surrounded by freeways, neighborhoods, and resorts you will find one of the most popular destinations for a hike in Phoenix; Piestewa Peak. This area was recently renamed, and used to be known as Squaw Peak.  The two main attractions at Piestewa Peak: the Summit Trail and the Circumference Trail. The Summit Trail is by far the more traveled. It is about 1.2 miles to the top. The trail itself is rocky, and has a stair effect.  The Circumference Trail at Piestewa Peak is longer at about 3.75 miles and is a much more gradual ascent.

  1. Pinnacle Peak

PinnaclePeakLocated at 26802 N. 102nd Way Scottsdale, AZ 85262… The 150–acre Pinnacle Peak Park is the most popular hiking destination in the valley because of the expansive, spectacular views and accessibility.  Pinnacle Peak is a distinctive granite summit that rises 600 feet from the desert floor and can be seen from much of the Valley. This City of Scottsdale Park has free access and parking.

The 1.75 mile trail (3.5 round trip) is beautifully groomed and accessible to hikers of all abilities.  There are also areas of the park designated for experienced rock climbers. The bouldery topography and lush upper Sonoran Desert is home to many desert creatures such as bobcats, gila monsters, desert tortoises, and of course the diamondback rattlesnake.

  1. Shaw Butte

Located at 10600 N 7th St Phoenix, AZ 85020… Is about 4.5 miles long and located near Heritage Highlands, Arizona. The trail is great for hiking and normally takes 1-3 hours. There are two entrances and you might get them confused. When you say “North Mountain,” I think most Arizonans know where it is or can find it. When you say “Shaw Butte,” it seems like you get a lot more questioning glances and “huh?” Probably because the entrance to the North Mountain trail is right off of 7th St and the Pointe Hilton resort. Shaw Butte is the other side of the preserve and what a trail it is. There are 3 interesting landmarks on this trail, 2 radio towers and an old burned down restaurant, all of which are fun to check out.

Here for more info:

  1. A Mountain (Tempe/Hayden Butte)

haydenplaneLocated partially on on Arizona State University‘s Tempe campus in Tempe, Arizona, on the southeast corner of Mill Avenue and Rio Salado Parkway. Hayden Butte is one of Tempe’s most popular outdoor areas for exercise and a quick jaunt to take in a beautiful view. It is often referred to by locals as A Mountain, after the 60-foot-tall (18 m) gold-painted letter ‘A’ nears the top. Another name for the area, used by the City of Tempe, is Hayden Butte. This is a perfect starter mountain for rookie climbers and a great slop quick run for those who are trying to burst in speed. Once you get to the top look out for airplanes they pass by so close it seems like you can reach up and touch them.  Once you have completed your hike, run, or jog stop by one of the many restaurants, bars, or coffee shops on Mill to enjoy and relax.

  1. Papago Park

Located at 625 N Galvin Pkwy Phoenix, AZ 85008… Its massive, otherworldly sandstone buttes set Papago Park apart, even in a city and state filled with world-class natural attractions. Papago Park features four easy trails and unmatched views of the Tempe area. The desert trails are generally smooth, easy treks with very little elevation gains, making it great for families and interested mountain bikers. Be sure to make the hike at sunset; these buttes claim rights to the best sunset views in the Valley. The park is also home to an archery range, exercising courses, fishing lagoons, baseball facilities and a softball complex.

Residents of Phoenix, Visitors, or anyone familiar with one or all of these trails please comment below on your favorite, any experiences, and points of interest.  Thanks for reading please follow us and stay updated in Luxury Real Estate & Lifestyle in Arizona.

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