AZ Luxury Home Report (June 2014) By The Numbers: Prices Up &

By the numbers:

  • Most Expensive Home Sold $5,100,000 and get this it was once listed at $19.9 Million.
  • 116 sales with a $1,000,000 Price Tag and up
  • Scottsdale – Silverleaf, DC Ranch, Desert Mountain, and Paradise Valley were the subdivisions & Cities in which the top five most expensive homes sold in.
  • Average Home Sale $1,631,558 // Median Home Price $1,378,500. Both numbers this month are up from last month (May 2014 by the numbers)
  • Average Price per square feet $315
  • Average Days on Market 184
  • $189,260,773 was the sum ($1 M +) of money transferred, Wow

The headliner without a doubt is the Scottsdale home that sold for $5.1 Million – once priced at $20 Million (Crazy) & sat on the market for over 2 years.  This home was purchased back in 2012 for $5.3, that’s a good $200-$500K loos after expenses. Not the best investment choice.

June 2014 was all around a great month.  There were 116 sales Vs. 113 sales of homes above $1M). Average & Median home prices are up this month vs last (June $1,631,558/$1,378,500 – May $1,526,242/$1,300,000) – 6-7% in a month, that’s a great jump and a good indication that the luxury home market is still hitting on all cylinders.

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