Two Combined Townhomes in Phoenix Chateau on Central List for $10 million, will break records if sold.

2001 N 1st AVE Phoenix, AZ 85003

Beds: 2 (Sleeps 12 comfortably)  | Baths: 5 | Living Area: Approx. 11,400

Offered at $9,987,500

The Scoop: At first glance I had to take a double look, squint my eyes, and rube them a little when I saw the price & size of this masterpiece on the MLS.  Was I checking out Curbed, LA times, or Wall Street Journal – Hell to the No!

Located in Chateau on Central and believe to be two units combined to equal 11,400 sq. ft of aesthetic opulence. Featuring 2 bedrooms but Sleeps 12 comfortably. Includes a game room, huge balcony with direct views of downtown phoenix skyline, a huge walk in closet that any women or man would admire, indoor waterfall, huge master office suite, and a home theater so advanced, it’s comparable to any commercial theatre experience (in TO’s  words “get your popcorn ready”). A place fit for royalty and will take royalty to shed out the hefty price tag $9,987,500 to buy the joint.

Click to view listing website

C: 480.458.8007 ~ E:

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