Why every Real Estate Agent should do business like Luxury Home Agents do!

By now every knows what happened to Beverly Carter – kidnapping and murder of Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter & The murder of 27-year-old real estate agent Ashley Okland in a suburban Iowa model home.  Both agents and a few others were murdered showing a home to complete strangers. I am happy that some agents and brokerages are changing their ways.  No longer meeting complete strangers at a home without meeting them at the office, a coffee shop, or public place first.  I think we should take it up a notch and not show any buyer homes until we have not only met with them but also obtained a qualification form, shown proof of funds (if paying cash), or taken down their info (ID, names, etc.).

Now let’s go back to the headline every broker and real estate agent should do business like luxury home agents do because Luxury home agents and brokers will not meet any buyer at a property without meeting them first. They will not show any property unless the buyer has provided proof of funds, spoken to the buyer’s financial advisor, his/her accountant, or banker. On the other side – luxury home listing agents will not allow any showings unless the buyer’s agent can provide proof of funds, a qualification letter, or provide some proof that the buyer can purchase the property (Buyer must be pre-qualified) to view. There are instances in which showing will be done on a no meet basis and or nothing is asked but this only occurs with well-known celebrates, politicians, CEO, professional athlete, executive, etc. Unless your buyer is of Billionaire or Millionaire status like Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, Warrant Buffet, LeBron James, Kurt Warner, A-Rod, Bill Clinton, etc. then you must be meeting the client and obtaining some sort of proof before any showings.

If luxury home agents and brokers don’t waste their times why should anyone else? Let’s all take a page from there book and begin doing business as it should be done. Hopefully buyers today will understand. If we can get not a few agents but all agents start requiring the NoShowNoMeet then they will have to meet us first.  We have had one death too many, lets never have another again!

As agents we should start a campaign call the #NoMeetNoShowing!

No Meet

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