Luxury Arizona Real Estate Going Virtual Reality! How Top Agents Sell to the Rich and Famous from afar.

Is there an app for that? Is heard amongst the young generation and teck savvy individuals.  In the future of luxury home shopping the saying will be can I tour it virtually?

The experience for buying luxury real estate has gone virtual.  Yesterday’s luxury home agents use professional photography, walkthrough video, and drone video from above to market listings.  Today’s luxury home agents are taking it to the virtual world!  The newest hot marketing tool and gimmick is virtual reality and 3D floor plans.

Virtual reality is relatively new and in the texting/early stages in ArizonaAccording to Fortune: Right now, the rich and famous are touring homes in virtual reality—and in a few years, so could everyone.

Samsung Gear VrThe Matthew Hood Real Estate Group at Sotheby’s International Realty has begun experimenting with Samsung Gear VR as a new showcase for multi-million dollar homes based in Los Angeles, as well as luxury residences in the Hamptons and in New York City.

3D scans allow a customer to walk through a house using a hand controller for navigation. An agent can lead a VR tour remotely and even see where the client is looking, which allows the agent to address things like a kitchen counter style while they’re looking at it—just as I would in a real world tour.  (Read full article here).

3D floor plans and tours is a new luxury real estate marketing trend being used by a few agents in the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix metro who market luxury homes, high-end real estate, and penthouses. For some agents it’s taken over the walkthrough video.  Walkthrough videos are great but you can’t control the camera, with 3D floor plan you can.  You can tour any room in the house, get a 360 degree view, and walk through the property from the front door to the back and in between. According to Juan Pesqueira 3D floor plans & tours are best for Penthouses and expensive condos because you don’t have to focus on the exterior or neighborhood as you would with a single family. Condos and Penthouses are all about the floor plan, interior space, floor location, and views.


According to Realtor Juan Pesqueira all these high teck toys, gimmicks, professional photography, HD video, and drones show how far agents have come in marketing luxury property.  However it will never take away the experience or emotions a buyer gets by seeing a home, taking in the view, or stepping into someone else’s world. What it does do is make it a whole hell of a lot easier for buyers to pick and choose what properties they would like to tour and in some situations buy sight unseen.

See Juan Pesqueira, Realtor Walk through video below


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