$1.445M Cave Creek Contemporary Ranch with its own Margarita Station. Happy Hour all day!

As they say! Anytime is Margarita time or when life hands you lemons make a margarita… Now you have an excuse to drink margaritas all day, every day, or any time of day. Forget coffee in the morning, drink a margarita. Between you and I, I’m already sold, the custom outdoor Kitchen is equipped with a margarita station. Margaritas make life fun no matter where or who you are with. I bet when the HomeSmart agent does his brokers open or open house it’s going to be jam packed.  

This 4.77-acre contemporary ranch in Cave Creek featuring 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, was built in 2011, and 4,286+- sf. Customized throughout, two wood burning fireplaces, energy efficient, its own septic system, Collector Garage, Arena and Stables, and Graffunder Safe that weighs nearly 2 tons.

Thirsty yet? I am, I’ll be at the bar if you need me. Oh BTW this home is offered at $1,445,000.

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