What’sUpDoc: Luxury Development & yachts, superstition in real estate, Auctions, Hot properties, & Jobs…

September 2016 top real estate articles and news throughout the web, Pesqueira John approves…

Are you superstitious? In real estate it pays off according to Mansion globals article “It’s in the Numbers: Luck and Superstition Sell Luxury Real Estate”. I am guilty of using 8s to in my list price and believe it pays off + it stands out from the 999 and 000 – Walmart uses it as well… TopNews Sept 2016 2.jpg

Can’t sell your luxury home, think outside the box… This company – Concierge Auctions sells luxury homes, but not in a traditional sense. Auctions are a way to sell quick and expose the home to buyers in Arizona and outside. 


Forbes picks 5 Hot Luxury Properties on the West Coast and Scottsdale made the list. 

TopNews Sept 2016.jpg

Hot amenity 1Seaport in New York offers a Yacht as an amenity! according to Fredrick Eklund For the first time ever in New York City, a residential building will have a boat amenity. On top of the over the top amenities that include a gym, swimming pool, doorman, and private driveway.  Residents of 1 Seaport can use the Barton & Grey’s gorgeous yachts between May and October for up to 8 guests or family members, even have the boats catered with food and wine. 


InfoGraphic: A Study done by Abode.com (Best Cities for Job-Seekers) Phoenix ranked #5 for Construction & Extraction Occupations, #6 for Community & Social Service Occupations, and #10 for Computer & Mathematics Occupations for cities in the U.S. that have a growing job market.

Contact: Arizona Ultra-Luxury Real Estate seekers & blog…


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