(May 2017) Arizona Home . Architecture . Luxury Real Estate of Phoenix Online Luxury Publication…

May 2017… all-new online luxury magazine, Arizona Home . Architecture . Luxury Real Estate of Phoenix a quarterly publication is to showcase Juan’s “Johns” exclusive properties. The featured residences include glamorous interior, exterior and landscape images as well as some of the more dramatic panoramic views across the Valley of the Sun. 

Paging through the breathtaking photography provides impressive visual images of Arizona’s architectural diversity. Pesqueira’s strategic marketing and broad network of luxury and international affiliations are excellent benefits in the sale or purchase of luxury properties, and Pesqueira’s group stand ready to guide the process. 

“this edition of HOME & ARCHITECTURE “The Collection Features Plaza Residences #2098 a CONTEMPORARY CHIC design, totally UPGRADED with DESIGNER FEATURES most desirable & sought after two bedrooms in the complex. Word on the street is it’s not a Condo, it’s a Lifestyle!


Highlighting our newest listing throughout the Valley of the Sun. Don’t forget to check out our friends out in Hawaii. They have the new Waiea Grand ultra-luxury $35M Penthouse that rivals any penthouse across the globe…

Waiea Grand Penthouse

click below to view publication…0001 (11)

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