Best time to list Your million-dollar home in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, is…


If you want to sell your Luxury home faster and for the most money, you must know exactly when to list it and when you will get the most exposure (aka more buyers shopping for homes)

Study shows the best time of the year to put your Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, or Phoenix Luxury home on the market is Mid-January to mid-June. Don’t take it from me, take it from the statistics.

Below is a study of $1,000,000+ homes sold during the first half of the year vs the 2nd half and data shows, in some years, more than doubled in homes sold.

  • Jan – June 2014 = 626 homes sold | July – Dec 2014 = 410 homes sold
  • Jan – June 2015 = 787 homes sold | July – Dec 2015 = 408 homes sold
  • Jan – June 2016 = 773 homes sold | July – Dec 2016 = 606 homes sold
  • Jan – June 2017 = 796 homes sold | July – Dec 2017 = 720 homes sold

The obvious reason is during these months we have events such as the Waste Management Phoenix, Barret-Jackson car show, Fiesta bowl, Arabian horse show, Cactus league baseball (aka spring training), Nascar, Scottsdale culinary festival, and others that bring in a whole batch of tourists who are potential buyers. Add the move up buyers, downsizing buyers, and all the buyers who are looking for a luxury homes during these times, your buyer pool doubles/triples. The weather is amazing during these times with averages ranging in the low 60’s to mid-80’s if you’re lucky and occasionally might hit the 90-degree mark.

If you list your luxury home in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, or in any area in the Valley of the Sun these months will bring you the most buyers searching for a luxury home, bring you the most exposure for your home, and ultimately get you the highest offer/price for your home. It’s the obvious case of supply and demand.

To get a jump on the market, its best to have your home ready to list by January 1st. If you are looking to be ahead of the competition then list by mid-October that way you are catching the holiday visitors and you will be front and center when the luxury home buying season begins.

The best time to list Your million-dollar home in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix is… 1

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