Top Realtor® guide SELLING an OUT-of-STATE property in Arizona from afar…

Trying to sell a house in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe or throughout Arizona is tough enough, and if you’re selling a home from out of state, it can be damn near scary but in reality its It’s Easy As Pie…

Whether you’ve had to relocate because of a new job, are selling a second home or investment property, or are trying to settle the estate of a former relative, a few simple steps can help you to sell your Arizona property quickly and avoid carrying costs for property that you’re not living in.

The goal to selling home or condominium from out of state is to get the best price for your property in a reasonable period of time. You don’t want to sit or toy with the market for too long.

If you take the time to address these crucial areas before you carry on with your life in another state, you’re likely to secure a sale quickly—so you’re not carrying multiple mortgages or paying for upkeep on an empty property.

1234STEP #1 Choose REALTOR® Juan Pesqueira.

Don’t go at it alone, that’s crazy! You must hire a REALTOR, who will be responsible for showing and marketing the home, making sure all legal paperwork is complete and timelines are in order, checking on it in your absence, possibly hiring contractors to handle upgrades and repairs, and ensuring there is a smooth sales transaction.


Because you’re trying to sell the home or condo quickly and achieve the highest possible price, it’s important to price the home right (Market value) rather than test the market with a high figure and take price cuts later. Although full disclosure some properties benefit using the price high, take price cuts. This will be part of the market evaluation Juan Pesqueira does. Although we want to sell quickly, I don’t want to leave money on the table.

Rely on your agent (Juan Pesqueira) to look at the home and advise you on how best to price it after looking at comparable home sales, doing a full market analysis, and tapping into your agents market knowledge. This will determine how long the home will remain on the market at that price compared to other price points.


This should be step #1 and its always best to have another set of eyes (Your REALTOR) go through the home first. As REALTORS we deal with buyers, see a lot of property, and know what buyers will say or think before entering.

Today’s Buyers want a home that looks move-in ready. That means you’ll need to make sure the place is clean and free of clutter. Get rid of all the crap, remove all personal property, make it smell good.  

If you need to use an auction company, hold a garage sale, and hire professional cleaner to get the most value – do so.

Every buyer will get a home inspection during the inspection period. If you know of any major issues, its best to let your agent know upfront (as you will need to fill out the SPDS – Seller property disclosure statements). Be sure to make any necessary home repairs and don’t ignore cosmetic upgrades. If you do, be prepared to make them, or give a price drop/credit during inspections.  Although you don’t need to renovate the entire home, it’ll help to fix major problems, have the home professionally cleaned and repainted.

With that in mind, before you skip town, you might want to hire an on-call handyman to address last-minute repairs who can accept online payments.

STEP 4. SEX SELLS and in real estate it’s necessary!

Scottsdale Real Estate

Once you have everything in its place and are ready to show off your home OR condominium, do so with professional photos (This is covered by your real estate agent Juan Pesqueira). Virtual reality is the new selling trend, a 3-D floor plan, aerial photography and video, or walkthrough video will enhance your property online and allow buyers to check it out from their living room. In the luxury real estate world this is mandatory as your buyer can be outside the state or country.

A professional photographer will know how to best capture your home’s SEXIEST features. Especially now that many potential home buyers start shopping online, professional photos can enhance your listing.

You’d be surprised how many potential home buyers are turned off by horrible photos, bad lighting, etc.

If you live in Canada, California, New York, or anywhere in the country (but not in Arizona) and trying to sell your property in Arizona – whether it be an Investment, luxury home, penthouse, doing a 1031 exchange, condominium, land, multi-family, etc. and looking to put your property on the market, i can help.  It’s Easy & Simple. This is a full service listing we offer to out of state sellers.

How is the process done?  Easy, if there is a way for us to have access to the property all documents for listing and selling the property can be completed via email (DocuSign) or scan.   We will also send you showing reports and market updates throughout the process.  Juan Pesqueira is ALWAYS available by phone (Text and Call) or email to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

If you are considering placing your property on the market, please don’t hesitate to contact Juan Pesqueira or give me a shout.

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