a Guide to Selling a Scottsdale Home

If you are thinking of selling a Scottsdale home but have not been in the real estate market for many years, times they have a-changed and you may want to understand what is involved in the process today.

There are basically three factors that are going to get your Scottsdale home sold: Location, price and condition. The only thing you have no control over is location, but there are things you can do to maximize the selling process:

  • Work with your agent, not against and settle on the right price for your home. This can be based on recent comparable sales in the area. Cap rate multiplier if it’s an investment/cash flow property. Hire an appraiser to give you an unbiased opinion of value. Price the home correctly. A well-priced home will sell faster than one that is overpriced. In fact, studies show you lose money if you over price and this is the #1 reason a home does not sell.
  • Your agent will suggest any changes to the property that may help in the sale, mostly cosmetic ones such as decluttering, painting, landscaping, etc. The first impression is most important.
  • Pick your agent carefully. Just putting a home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is fine in a buyers’ market, but in a balanced or sellers’ market how the home is presented makes a big difference. You need a good, accurate description (It takes time and effort to create the perfect listing description, and it’s worth your while to get it right! A study found that approximately 250 words is the optimal length, and you want to use terms that describe the property assets rather than emphasize emotional elements. USE THE RIGHT WORDS and PHRASES and HIGHLIGHT KEY FEATURES) of the property, and well-presented (Professional) photos, videos, and sometimes 3-D floor plans. Also, having an agent who understands social media is a game changer. Technology in real estate is a must, we are in a high teck world. Some websites such as UpNest.com and FastExpert.com features some of the top realtors competing for your service. They will provide you sales proposals, discount commissions, and the agents come from all backgrounds and experiences. 
  • Make the property ready and easy to show. Buyers who can’t get in to see a home readily may move on to the next one. Open houses are a good way to get maximum exposure but does not sell a home. And remember you only have one chance to make a first impression, so make it count.
  • Take emotions out of the process. Nothing the buyers do is personal. They are trying to get the best deal, as are you. Let your agent help you through negotiations so that you come out meeting your goals.

Albert Einstein once said, the definition of genius is taking the complex and making it SIMPLE.  At the risk of perhaps oversimplifying the seemingly complex world of real estate, I’d like to put the work into context. I connect buyers with sellers while facilitating the transaction in the simplest way possible. That it!

My intent is not to diminish the importance of our role as an agent and all the many tasks we engage in. However, my experience as a realtor, appraiser, and advisor in Scottsdale, Arizona is when working with buyers/sellers over the past 16 years, has led me to a simple conclusion; many agents overcomplicate the things we do. Its not that complex and a good agent like myself will guide you, advise you, and help you sell for the most amount of money in the lease amount of time.

– Juan Pesqueira, Realtor

There is much more involved in selling a Scottsdale home. Our How To Guides will answer any questions you may have.

Are You Ready to Sell Your Scottsdale House? If so feel free to reach out

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