The 7 Most Expensive and Exclusive Neighborhoods In the Scottsdale-Phoenix, Arizona area…

These Scottsdale & Phoenix Neighborhoods Are the City’s (Valley of the Sun) Most exclusive and most expensive. Each neighborhood is unique and different in their own way. different neighborhoods equal different lifestyles

The state of Arizona luxury living keeps outdoing itself! For well over a century, Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley has been attracting plenty of wealthy residents seeking the lavish lifestyle but not willing to pay the outlandish LA, Miami, or New York crazy real estate prices. Not to mention our beautiful weather, tax friendly cost of living, and healthy lifestyle choices.

But when it comes to picking a neighborhood, where are the wealthy citizens of Arizona most likely to settle?

Not too surprisingly, the answer seems to be Paradise Valley or Silverleaf—where developers of luxury homes are designing masterpieces.

Welcome to the land of the 1%er . Where you’ll find Celebrities, doctors, attorneys, business executives, chefs, old money, and new money.

These are the most exclusive neighborhoods that Arizona has to offer. Where houses, mansions, and estates can ask as much as $10 – $30 million.

But where exactly in Arizona are these exclusive neighborhoods? We asked Juan Pesqueira, a Relator with Attorneys Realty.

Sales over $10 million

You will find the most expensive real estate throughout Paradise Valley. The most expensive subdivision is Silverleaf. Each with a different vibe, charm, and characteristic says Realtor Juan Pesqueira.

  1. town of Paradise Valley, Arizona | Average Price Tag: $3.3 million
  2. Silverleaf (Dubbed Billionaires row 2013 by ME) | Average Price Tag: $4.8 million
  3. Desert Mountain (far North Scottsdale)| Average Price Tag: $2.4 million

Sales over $5 million

4. Estancia | Average Price Tag: $3.4 million

5. Arcadia – get this straight when I say Arcadia, I mean 44th Street to 68th Street and Indian School to the top Camelback Mountain. Arcadia light, don’t even… Average Price Tag: $2.5 million

6. Biltmore Estates | Average Price Tag: $4 million

7. Ancala: Average Price Tag: $1.6 million

Ancala: Average Price Tag: $1.6 million

If you have the cash to spare, looking to buy, then above are 7 of the most expensive and exclusive neighborhoods in Arizona for VIPs, celebrities, and the more financially blessed.

Don’t have millions (and 99% of us don’t) to spend? Don’t worry Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley has beautiful homes, condos, and Penthouse for any budget.

Are you ready to buy?


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