Juan Pesqueira Talks Real Estate And Fun Things To Do in Scottsdale-Phoenix (metro) During March

Scottsdale (Phoenix) real estate expert Juan Pesqueira gives his tips on what to do there during March, as well as the latest on the area’s real estate.

What are buyers looking for in their homes in ScottsdalePhoenix in 2020?

At the moment, I think buyers are looking for appropriately priced homes with definite upside if they add value. New construction is still very popular. Older buyers are downsizing and seek amenities with proximity to everything and new (er).

Which has been a highlight sale for you so far in 2020?

I sell residential and commercial real estate, anytime you do a commercial transaction it will be your highlight because of its complexity.

4334 (4340 & 4140) E Winslow Ave, Phoenix, AZ. for $500K (Full asking price) in February. This was a complex commercial industrial property and two additional parcels. There is so many challenges with financing a commercial property. It takes patience and a solid team. We ran into issue after issue and even up to last minute could have easily fallen through. We overcame and got it closed. Happy buyer, sellers, agent…

What listing stands out for you right now?

39287 N 104 PL, Scottsdale, AZ 85262 for $200,000. It’s a custom home lot in Desert Mountain, a blank canvas. We all love to see beautiful luxury homes, the designs, and views but it all starts with a piece of dirt. The value in real estate to me is always been the land. What it can be and what it becomes is nothing more than a vision, dream, hard work, and getting a little dirty.

Are there any new restaurants or other spots in ScottsdalePhoenix you’ve been loving lately?

Barrio Queen in the Tempe Marketplace… The food and atmosphere were second to none. incredible selection of tequila with great pricing.

It’s time for spring break. What is a fun activity in ScottsdalePhoenix?

Catch a spring training game. Hike camelback mountain. Get outdoors, the weather is the best this time of year.

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