Upscale Bargain Hunting! Search (for sale) Cheapest 💰 Houses in the 10 Most Expensive Phoenix (metro), Arizona ZIP Codes

Real estate bargain hunting and COVID-19 go together like America and smores. (According to Thrillist smores is the #1 American food).

We found you do not need to be a multimillionaire to live in Paradise Valley, North Scottsdale, or Phoenix (Arcadia). (Of course, it helps!) In fact, there are (relative) bargain buys to be had in each of these zippiest of ZIPs.

In spite of COVID-19, we’ve identified the most affordable single family homes, condos, and townhomes in the top 10 expensive zip codes in Paradise Valley to Scottsdale and in between (Phoenix, Arizona) — properties that will give buyers a foothold into some of the Valley of the Sun exclusive communities. Click the zip code to view the cheapest houses in the Most Expensive Arizona ZIP Codes…

sitting a top la place du sommet paradise valley, arizona
  1. 85253 || Median price $1,595,000
  2. 85262 || Median price $880,000
  3. 85266 || Median price $787,500
  4. 85377 || Median price $754,000
  5. 85255 || Median price $708,000
  6. 85259 || Median price $694,600
  7. 85018 || Median price $619,000
  8. 85254 || Median price $543,100
  9. 85258 || Median price $525,000
  10. 85263 || Median price $509,000

Median prices = starting 7/12/2020 and back six months sold. All real estate sold included (homes, condos, town homes, etc).

– Juan Pesqueira, Realtor

So, if you have a beer budget with a champagne taste then any of the top 10 zip codes will have your friends, families, and associates green with envy towards you. Contact us to begin your Upscale Bargain Hunting in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and beyond!

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