🤔 Thinking of Buying in a Scottsdale Golf ⛳ Community? These 10+ private Golf Communities have the Best Amenities for Luxury Living—and Playing 🏌️…

Scottsdale, Arizona is known for fine resorts and spasexpensive restaurantssuperior shoppingart galleriesdesigner golf coursesritzy night clubs, and country club living. But it’s also popular for (you guessed it) golf, which makes it a hotspot retirement destination for many Baby Boomers.

Many of the golf course communities in Scottsdale separate themselves from the competition do so with extravagant facilities beyond the golf course. It can come in the form of a first-class driving range and practice center, or lavish clubhouse, locker rooms and high-end restaurants. It could even be the craziest pro shop you ever stepped foot in.

Some golf course communities boast museums and lavish artwork. Or golfers might appreciate subtler and cozier amenities like outdoor fire pits and smore station.

Scottsdale, Arizona has a variety of lush fairways and greens that can be played all year long, attracting beginning and veteran players alike but at a cost. Not all are created equal and some cost (way) more than others.

Many private and exclusive luxury gated communities offer golf as a central feature in their long list of resort-style amenities. Some of the best golf courses offer unique and challenging layouts that were designed by famous architects like Tom Fazio, Jack Nicklaus, and others. Many boasts famous players such as Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Phil Mickelson, and Tom Watson. One of the club’s course is even a Jack Nicklaus Signature Course.

These well-maintained golf courses also provide picturesque settings that embrace the gorgeous, natural environment, allowing players and residences to enjoy breathtaking mountain, boulder, and wildlife views. There is nothing better than waking up to an Arizona Sunrise or enjoying a glass of wine at sunset. It’s the perfect retirement living and if you can afford why not?

Realtor Juan Pesqueira

18 holes are just part of the total golf experience. For some golf courses, the most memorable part of the day is the clubhouse or the practice grounds. If you’re dreaming of perfecting your backswing or working on your short game during your Golden Years, then these ten private and exclusive residential golf communities in Scottsdale, Arizona are perfect to call home. Rumor has it money is not the only thing that will get you a private membership, you need an invite… Whisper Rock Golf club (The first rule of Fight Club (insert Whisper Rock Golf club) is: You do not talk about Fight Club (insert Whisper Rock Golf club). The second rule of Fight Club (insert Whisper Rock Golf club) is: You do not talk about Fight Club (insert Whisper Rock Golf club)tyler durden the man!

1. Estancia, Scottsdale

2. Desert Highlands, Scottsdale
3. Troon CC Scottsdale
Welcome to Mirabel
4. Mirabel, Scottsdale
5. Silverleaf, Scottsdale
7. Troon North Scottsdale (Monument)
6. Desert Mountain (Chiricahua) | 8. Desert Mountain (Cochise) | 9. Desert Mountain (Geronimo)
The Boulders Resort & Spa
10. The Boulders, Carefree, AZ



Membership in the Club is by sponsorship and invitation only and is limited to 580 individuals. The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club. Same rules apply here. If you are lucky to be sponsored or invited don’t say a word! (Just Kidding or am I).

The Whisper Rock golf club is for serious golfers only, and social membership is not available. The clubhouse provides golf support only, and there are no other facilities or restaurants located here. Membership is by sponsorship or invitation only and can run around $100,000. Forbes.com

Buyer/Seller Beware!

  1. Be aware of trends in golf course play. You do not want a golf course to shut down due to lack of play. The above communities (more than likely) will never run into this issue.
  2. Placement of home on golf course, noise like golf course maintenance, damage from golf balls (you know who you are), and lack of privacy. Buying a home down the right or left hand side of the fairway, expect to get a lot of balls in your yard or worse hitting your house. This can lead to potential insurable issues.
  3. Consider lawn maintenance. When will lawns be mowed? Might wake you the fuck up!
  4. Adverse possession. Can a golf course end up owning your property because they have used it enough for the legal timeline? Check easements…
  5. If the golf course fails, what will that do for your home investment?
  6. Think elevation. You don’t want to pay $1 million or more for a home when everyone can look in your backyard.
  7. For SELLERS – if your selling must disclose if balls have hit your home.

Are you thinking of Buying in a Scottsdale Golf Community? Are you dreaming of perfecting your backswing or working on your short game during your Golden Years? We are here to help, reach out to me at… Contact Juan Pesqueira.


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