Most Popular (& a few DYI) Arizona Home Improvement projects During COVID19…

Make your curb appeal POP, increase your sales price at the same time!

According to The Most Common Home Improvements During the Pandemic are…

Outdoor home improvement projects are perfect for DYI, will add value, and or bring in a higher price during time of sale.

As a kid my parents made me cut grass, clean the yard, rake the leaves, throw out the trash… and my compensation was – get this $1. I hated doing yard work during my early years but now as I am in my mid-late 30’s yard work is somewhat therapeutic to me. I love it! it gets me out the house, clear my mind, gets my heart beating, cleans out my pores, and makes my curb appeal pop! I even ask my parents if they would like me to do their yard work from time to time. Unfortunately, because of COVID I have not been able to because my parents are seniors and my dad is a two time battled cancer survivor. But when all this is over and or it will. I look forward to is seeing my parents and doing their yard work! I would also like to point out that a clean yard, power washed home, and driveway will add value to your home at time of sale. It should be something every homeowner does before listing your home for sale and a day before the photographer takes professional photos of your home.

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