Got $1 million 🤑 to retire? Here’s how long it will last in Arizona 🏜️

Arizona 🏜️ is my and many others #1 choice to retire, I already bought my retirement home at 26 says Realtor, Juan Pesqueira. Picked it up as a steal! 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, tri level, 3 car garage, southwestern architecture, on the side of the mountain with a pool & spa overlooking the Sonoran Desert. I wake up to a beautiful sunrise, birds chirping, and at times a bobcat or two and occasional cayote roaming. People love its year round weather, iconic Sonoran desert scenery and many different cities to choose from. Arizona has something for everyone, no matter how old you are or may want to spend your retirement. If you think Arizona sounds like a great destination for your dream retirement (or you live here as I do), you’re absolutely right! The state offers wide range of choices for retirees, with thriving cities and beautiful scenery. So how much does $1 million in savings last… well according to GoBankRate…


  • Annual groceries cost: $3,944.86
  • Annual housing cost: $9,300.86
  • Annual utilities cost: $4,030.55
  • Annual transportation cost: $4,929.81
  • Annual healthcare cost: $6,611.54
  • Total annual expenditures: $50,656.56
How long $1 million will last in savings: 19 years, 8 months, 22 days

Overall Arizona is relatively in expensive when comparing to others. Arizona is one states where $1 million goes along way. There’s only one cost in Arizona that even comes close to being on the high end of the national average, and that is the cost of food. In every other way you’ll be saving money.

Are you ready to retire here, reach out to us and well help you find the perfect retirement home…?

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