Phoenix (Metro) Expected To Be one of the Country’s Hottest 🔥 Housing Market In 2021… Again!

Phoenix (Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, Ariz) is expected to be one of next year’s hottest real estate housing market, according to a new study.

The economics team at has analyzed recent data and trends to put together a list of the nation’s top markets of 2021… Once again Coming in Hot 🔥 Phoenix (MESA-SCOTTSDALE) Arizona ranked #6!

In order to rank the list, the team factored in past sale prices, the number of sales, and the rate of new construction.

They also took into account the previous and anticipated economic, household, and income growth in the 100 largest metropolitan areas.

In short, the ten cities that made this list are experiencing rapid gentrification, experience higher price growth and more sales in comparison to the rest of the country.

Arizona’s state capital has become a magnet for both younger buyers looking to take advantage of the affordable cost of living, as well as retirees who want to soak up the sun. Recently, the area has seen a large influx of people from pricey West Coast markets — San Francisco, Seattle and Portland. While builders have struggled to meet the rising demand for housing, Phoenix set a record for new home permits in March, April and May, so new inventory is on the way. Phoenix offers residents all the big city amenities of shopping, dining and entertainment, without the traffic of larger metropolitan cities. Additionally, those who want to get out and hit the golf course have over 400 courses to choose from. Phoenix is a business friendly city and has a diverse list of large employers in both the public and private sectors from education, government and healthcare to technology, manufacturingcontinue reading

Five Quick steps if you are considering buying a home in 2021

  1. Evaluate your financial situation
  2. Choose the right neighborhood
  3. Step 3: Find a great real estate agent in Phoenix-Scottsdale-Mesa
  4. Step 4: Get pre-approved for a mortgage
  5. Step 5: Start house hunting in Phoenix-Scottsdale-Mesa

If you have a question or ready to begin searching for a home feel free to reach out anytime (Phone, website, email, Morris code, or smokie signal). I am here to help!

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