Confined by COVID? Check out this 3,787-Acre Arizona Ranch and give yourself some space.

In times like these, we all need an escape from home. This ranch will help!

Whether searching for a 100-acre or nearly 6,000-acre escape from the Valley of the Sun, now seems like a fitting time to dream about owning a ranch in the Arizona countryside far (but not too far) from the hustle and bustle.

This ranch is a bit of a drive from Phoenix (but not too far from Tucson and the US-Mexican border) and provides the kind of property perfect for hunkering down and hiding out when life in the city gets tiring.

Juan Pesqueira, an agent with Attorneys Realty, said now is the perfect time for seeking out an escape property.

Just a little over two hour outside of Phoenix…

Montosa Canyon Ranch in Amado is the premier Gentleman’s Ranch in Arizona. The main house, guest house and show-barn are all of magnificent Spanish Colonial design. There are also a total of 3 barns, a full-sized arena and a large 3,000 sf multi-purpose shop building. Most all of the farm and ranch equipment convey making this one-of-a-kind legacy ranch a legitimate turn-key operation. The water rights are excellent including Irrigation Grandfathered Water Rights that provide flood irrigation for the verdant pastures. There are 2 Irrigation wells that produce approximately 1,500 GPM and 1,000 GPM respectively. There are also 3 other exempt wells that provide water for the residences and the livestock. With all if its majestic beauty, views, location and amenities, Montosa Canyon Ranch is truly the crown jewel of the Santa Cruz River Valley and Arizona

– listing agent Martin Ryan with First United Realty.

The 3700+ -acre property is ready for you to saddle up. But before make sure the $6,500,000 check clears the bank before you move in!

Please visit for full details and a brochure.

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