Scottsdale Vacation Rental 101: Housekeeping 🏡 🛌…

5 cleaning tips for new short-term vacation rentals

Many travelers (looking at you snowbirds) choose vacation rentals over hotels in the Valley of the Sun these days because of the feeling of being at home that a vacation rental offers…

As a vacation rental owner or manager, this means that you have one major duty: to provide an amazing guest experience.

For many guests, a big part of that experience is the cleanliness of your home. As a matter of fact, the majority of bad reviews on vacation rental platforms like Airbnb and VRBO are related to the cleanliness and poor state of the rental, and vice versa. Guests will often praise apartments that are thoroughly cleaned in positive reviews.

So, if you want to consistently earn great reviews and maximize your Scottsdale Airbnb, Phoenix VRBO, TempeMesa HomeAway earnings from your property, these tips will help you avoid potential bad reviews from cleans.

  1. Decide if you want to clean yourself or hire a housekeeper: Both approaches have their pros and cons. When you clean yourself, you know you’d be putting your best into it but at the sacrifice of your personal time. When you hire a housekeeper, you face the risk of poor cleans and no-shows, but it allows you the time to focus on other things. Before you start renting your property out, you should decide which of these paths you want to tread and make a plan to mitigate any potential issues.
  1. Have a cleaning checklist: To make cleaning easier for either yourself or your housekeeper, it is a great idea to have a cleaning checklist of all the particularly dusty or easy-to-gloss-over places that you might forget while cleaning. Guests tend to do a thorough check of places when they check-in and it’s common to see reviews complaining of dirt under beds or window sills. Having a checklist and reviewing it before check-ins will help make sure that you’re best prepared for new guests.
  1. Pay extra attention to the bathroom: If there’s one place that won’t escape serious scrutiny, it’s the bathroom. Nobody wants to clean themselves in a place that isn’t even clean to start with. Make sure that all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, and soap residues are cleaned from the showers, tubs, and tiles. Hair and other waste material also get around quickly, so be sure to vacuum the bathroom floor properly too. The toilet deserves special attention too and should be thoroughly cleaned, both inside and outside.
  1. Have a plan for linens, sheets, and towels: Cleaning isn’t restricted to well-mopped floors and sparkling bathrooms. Your guests will also expect the beds to have fresh sheets and a clean set of towels in the bathroom. If you’re cleaning yourself, your checklist should include doing all your laundry a day before you have a booking. If you’re outsourcing the cleaning, make sure your housekeeper remembers to do the laundry and does a count to make sure that there are enough for all guests.
  1. Clean after checkouts too: Many hosts typically clean before check-ins, but cleaning after checkouts can be greatly beneficial. It gives you more time to prepare the property in the event of substantial damage by the previous occupant, such as a broken door or a damaged appliance.

So…what’s neu?

neu is a reliable platform that provides quality cleans, on-demand.

Simply put, we connect housekeepers and domestic workers with those in need of service.

For cleaners, we’re a modern alternative to an agency. We help them find stable, consistent, and high-paying work based on their availability.  For vacation rental hosts and homeowners, we provide access to a network of vetted service providers to foster peace of mind and streamline on-demand cleaning. For guests, we improve their vacation experience. We help ensure that they check-in to a clean space, with fresh linens, and all amenities needed for them to enjoy their vacation. 

Currently, we’re disrupting the vacation rental industry, but inevitably, we’ll build the world’s largest cleaning platform.

Mayowa George is the marketing manager at neu, a modern cleaning alternative that provides hotel-grade cleans for short-term vacation rentals. We currently service properties in Seattle (Washington) and Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, and Scottsdale (Arizona). Visit our website at to get an Instant Quote for your property.

Mayowa George

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