Report: Phoenix Has the 8th Biggest Home Lot Sizes Among Large US Cities

In Arizona dirt size does matter…

Last year, outdoor space was more than just a prized asset, it became a necessity. But only a handful of the biggest cities make it possible for residents to find and enjoy owning a nice yard. This is especially true since lot sizes have been decreasing while homes got bigger.

Phoenix residents, however, still enjoy plenty of room for breathing outdoors – the city has the 8th biggest lot sizes among the nation’s largest cities.

This is one of STORAGECafé’s latest findings from our report on home lot size evolution in the 20 largest US cities.

Here are other highlights about Phoenix:

  • The median lot size in Phoenix is over 7,300 square feet, almost 7 times larger than in Philadelphia.
  • Phoenix takes the 8th spot when it comes to indoor space, with a median home size of over 1,600 sq. ft. However, the city has been building even larger houses lately – homes built in the past decade reached a new local 100-year high with a median size of 2,280 sq. ft.
  • However, the city is not untouched by the national shrinking-lot trends. When looking at lot size and home size trends over the last 100 years, Phoenix is also losing yard space. New homes built in the last decade occupy around 34% of the lots on which they sit, higher than during any of the previous decades. Homes built in the ‘70s – the year when lots peaked at 7,971 sq. ft. – occupied 20% of the land plot.

You can find the full report together with expert commentary here:

Anca Pavel
Communications Specialist | STORAGECafé

Anca.StorageCafe@Yardi.Com |

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