5 Easy Ways You Can Make More Money 🤑 When You Sell Your Phoenix-Scottsdale-Mesa (area) Home

Tips to Maximize Your Arizona Home’s Price

You may do a few things to increase the price of your Arizona house if you’re considering selling. First, consult an experienced real estate agent who understands the local market. Second, consider whether or not you want to use a professional home stager.

And finally, if you are selling a home located in an area that is being developed for a new highway, you can sell your home for a higher price through eminent domain.

This blog has more tips on how to maximize your Arizona home’s price!

Crucial Steps to Maximize the Price of Your Home

Here are some crucial steps you should take to get the best home price.

1.     Make the necessary repairs and improvements.

When selling something, your priority is understanding what the prospective buyer wants. Many home buyers are not looking forward to buying an older fixer-upper. It means the majority of them want a move-in-ready home.

Before listing your home, ask a professional to conduct a property inspection to find issues like rot, leaks, or structural problems. Aside from repairs, do simple upgrades that offer a high return on investment. Similarly, you can also do minor landscaping; it will pay off in a major way.

2.     Declutter and remove personal items.

When looking at a home for sale, buyers tend to visualize themselves living there. It can be challenging if you still have your kids’ artwork on the wall or your souvenir collections on the mantle. Not only that, cluttered homes look dated and small.

Decluttering your home will also help your move out process in the long run. After all, you will need to do this eventually. Remove all the personal belongings first to create a blank slate for the owners to imagine themselves decorating the property.

3.     Make your home look its best

Staging makes your property appear at its best and appeal to potential buyers, and it can completely change the game. Some home sellers work with a professional stager, who may add furniture and other items to the house to improve its attractiveness. Others decide to do their own home staging.

It’s also crucial to consider the qualities homebuyers in your neighborhood are likely to seek in a property.

4.     Prepare the house for each tour

Most of us don’t lead idyllic lives, and our homes reflect that (sometimes chaotic) reality. However, it’s crucial to ensure your house is constantly prepared for visitors, even at short notice, when it’s on the market.

It might be worthwhile to hire specialized cleaners to go into your home’s corners and crevices before putting it on the market. After that, make every effort to keep everything in order. Cleaning the floors, sweeping the counters, and vacuuming can all be done in a matter of minutes each day.

It’s also important to remember that most buyers will explore closets, cupboards, and drawers, so ensure everything is as tidy and organized as possible. Keep small appliances and toiletries off countertops, and store valuables and private documents off-site or in a safe.

5.     Set the right price from the very beginning

The property market is quickly evolving. One moment, the houses in your neighborhood sell at shockingly high prices, then they go down the next. It is best to be realistic from the start. Of course, setting your price too low could result in losing out on a possible profit.

Working with real estate professionals who are knowledgeable about our local market and what buyers are prepared to spend right now is crucial. Sales figures from a few months ago may reflect something other than the present state of a rapidly changing market.

Bonus: What about properties that are under eminent domain?

Your land may be taken by the federal, state, or municipal government for public purposes. It is referred to as the government’s eminent domain power.

However, you have property rights as a landowner, so the government cannot just take your house and land. It must provide you with a fair price for your property. It can get technical, but before the government can seize your private property through eminent domain, it must first make a fair offer—typically by proposing to buy it for a certain amount.

If you accept the offer the sale will proceed and you can use the proceeds to get a new place to settle. You can also ask for an additional amount if you think you are not getting enough for your home.

In theory, a homeowner should be made whole again through just compensation or be in the same relative position as if the taking had not taken place. The homeowner is entitled to the land’s value or the amount the property has diminished due to the government’s action. However, valuation is rarely a straightforward topic and is frequently hotly contested in eminent domain situations.

The situation calls for an eminent lawyer!

Eminent domain lawyers help people negotiate with the government when the government wants to take their property for public use. If you live in Arizona and your property is in the path of a proposed highway or other public projects, you may contact an eminent domain lawyer.

While it is true that the government has the power to take your property for public use, you still have rights. An eminent domain lawyer can help you negotiate with the government to get the best compensation for your property.

Wrapping it up

As you can see, several factors go into maximizing your home’s price in Arizona. Following these tips can increase your chances of getting top dollar for your home. Be sure to watch out for more tips in the future.

About the Author:

Leslie Fields is the Executive Director of Owners’ Counsel of America. Before retirement in 2014, Leslie practiced law for 33 years, mostly with Faegre Baker Daniels (now Faegre Drinker), a law firm with national and international offices. While at Faegre, Leslie served on the firm’s Management Board and became a renowned legal expert on eminent domain and property rights issues, co-chairing for many years the national ALI-CLE Eminent Domain and Land Valuation and Litigation Conference, and presenting on the subject of eminent domain in locales as distant as Tsinghua University in Beijing China as part of the Brigham Kanner Property Rights conference sponsored by William & Mary Law School. During much of this time, Leslie served as the Colorado member of OCA and wrote the definitive textbook on Eminent Domain Law in Colorado. Leslie came out of retirement in 2017, specifically to help lead OCA in its mission of helping private landowners in eminent domain and takings situations across the country.

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