Navigating HOA pet regulations When Selling Your Scottsdale Home: Lessons Learned from a Recent home Sale.

When selling a home, there are numerous factors that can complicate the process. One of the most common obstacles that sellers and buyers face is dealing with a homeowner’s association, or HOA. HOAs are responsible for maintaining the common areas of a development, and their bylaws often include regulations that govern the use and upkeep of individual properties within the community. These bylaws can include restrictions on the number and type of pets that residents are allowed to have in their homes.

In a recent home sale in Scottsdale, Arizona where I represented the seller, we ran into just such an issue. According to the HOA bylaws, the development only allowed two pets. However, the buyer had three small and very cute Chihuahuas. In order for the sale to close, we needed to get an STIPULATION FOR VARIANCE from the HOA to allow the owner to house three Chihuahuas instead of two.

This situation highlights the importance of understanding and complying with HOA regulations when selling a home. Failure to do so can result in a delayed or even cancelled sale, which can be frustrating and costly for all parties involved. In this case, we had to work closely with the HOA to ensure that the necessary documentation was provided and approved in a timely manner.

Knowing that he could face penalties if caught, he was unsure of how to proceed. He could say nothing and hope that the HOA wouldn’t find out, or he could be honest and risk having to rehome one of his beloved pets.

In the end, the buyer chose to communicate with the HOA and let them know about his third pet. While the HOA had strict guidelines in place, they were willing to work with him to find a solution that allowed him to keep all three of his pets.

Getting in touch with the HOA proved to be a challenge, as they were difficult to reach and slow to respond. However, we (sellers, buyer, and me) persisted and eventually secured the necessary approval for the third pet. The HOA drew up an affidavit letter, which allowed the sale to close without any further issues.

The experience underscores the importance of thoroughly researching the HOA bylaws prior to listing a home for sale and addressing any potential conflicts early on in the process. This can help prevent last-minute surprises and delays that can be detrimental to a sale. It’s also important to work with a real estate professional who has experience dealing with HOAs and can help navigate any potential issues that may arise.

In conclusion, dealing with HOAs can be a complex and time-consuming process when selling a home. It’s essential to understand and comply with the regulations outlined in the bylaws, and to work closely with the HOA to ensure that any necessary approvals or documentation are obtained in a timely manner. By doing so, sellers and buyers can help ensure a smooth and successful home sale.


  • In this blog post, we explore the challenges of dealing with homeowner’s associations (HOAs) when selling a home, using a recent real-life example as a case study. We’ll discuss the importance of understanding and complying with HOA bylaws and offer tips on how to navigate potential conflicts with the HOA during the home-selling process. Whether you’re a seller, buyer, or real estate agent, understanding the role of HOAs in a real estate transaction is crucial for a successful sale. Join us as we delve into the world of HOAs and uncover valuable insights for navigating this complex landscape.

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