8 Things to Consider Before Buying A Scottsdale Airbnb as an Investment.

Vacation rental websites such Airbnb, HomeAway or VRBO (.com) is making it easy for property owners to rent out their own homes, condos, or townhomes offering unique lodging to tourists at rates sometimes cheaper than hotels. Is Scottsdale, Arizona a good idea to buy a property dedicated to short-term housing?

“It can be,” says Juan Pesquiera, Realtor at Attorneys Realty. “There is indeed money to be made in the Airbnb and short term/vacation rental market especially during the season. But you really need to understand what you’re getting into and realize that because this is all still fairly new, the rules are changing, and you also could lose money especially in the beginning.”

Here are 8 Things to Consider Before Buying a Scottsdale Airbnb Investment.

1.Home or Condo type property

Will you be buying a house or a condo (townhomes and lofts included) as a short term rental investment? Condos will allow you to get into locations like old town, Kierland, downtown, mill ave , Tempe town lake ((Scottsdale, Tempe, Phoenix) at a lesser price of a single family home.  But then you must factor HOA fees and HOA regulations and rules.

2. Regulations

Scottsdale, Arizona has seen its fair share of nightmare Airbnb stories. “Neighbors struggling with grief from short-term rentals will soon get a reprieve. But will it be enough? Gov. Doug Ducey on Tuesday signed a bill allowing for more regulations of short-term rental operators in the state… AZCentral. But Scottsdale struggles to enforce strict rule for Airbnb and other vacation rentals Examine the local ordinances and rules. The biggest threat to the short-term rental business is swift-changing local laws that limit their use.

3. Read the fine print on your HOA or CC&Rs

If you have decided on a condo vs a Single family home. You must find out – Does the Homeowners association allow for short term rentals? If you decided on a single family home, make sure to review your CC&Rs. Many of the new high rise condo developments and new single family home developments in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe restrict short term rental and in the HOA disclosure forms allow a 3 months minimum rental policy for properties in the development.

4. Fees pile up before your 1st guest books

Most new homeowners quickly find out that the list price of a home or condo is just the beginning of a laundry list of expenses. Owning an Airbnb investment property is no different. You need to factor in costs like utility bills, cleaning services, landscaping, pool service and repairs. More importantly: what happens if you can’t rent it out right away or have a slow period of vacancies? Can you afford that? What happens if home values decline, thereby driving down the asking price on your rental?”

Don’t forget that Airbnb takes a 3% service fee from the host for each reservation, which also eats at the profit. Additionally, there are other unlikely yet potential expenses that must be considered. What if your tenant is injured in the home? What if you’re the victim of theft? Are you insured for unforeseen issues or injuries, etc.

5. You’re not the only one

It’s a competition. The company claims to operate in 65,000 cities with more than 3,000,000 listings. How will you differentiate your rental? Airbnb success is based on reviews from people who stay in your home. You will need to wow your guest which at the end will cost you more. This includes items like quality bedding and bath accessories; professional photos and staging the property; welcome gift baskets; not to mention your valuable time serving as a good concierge and providing a list of local vendors, attractions and other hot spots.”

6. Flexibility. 

Short term rental is seasonal, and you make more during high season in Arizona. Make sure the property works as a long-term rental or other use like a vacation or 2nd home and even a retirement home. You will retire one day why not decide sooner, rather than later? Short-term rentals listed on Airbnb.com, HomeAway.com or VRBO.com are a great supplement to your rental income, but it is not a good long-term strategy. So, when you’re analyzing a property to be made into a rental, make sure its cash flows as a year-long rental too.

7. Uncle Sam wants his cut!

Know the tax rules by speaking to your accountant. You will need to pay taxes on your rental property.

8. Have fun, enjoy the process, and learn

At the end of the day every real estate investment is the same. Your success is related to the overall market and price value increase. If you manage your property right, consider it a business, account for every expense, and provide a fun, safe, and clean place for guests. As a bonus offer some incentives like free uber/lyft rides, coffee Starbucks card, free dinner at a restaurant to stand out from the rest and the potential of turning a profit increases in return will be a great investment choice.

Scottsdale, Arizona (including Tempe & Phoenix and throghout Arizona) is a perfect place for Airbnb.com, HomeAway.com,  VRBO.com, or any short term rental investment. Scottsdale, Arizona offers sunny weather year round. Our winters rarely go below 50 degrees. Arizona State University is the largest university in the country with over 100 thousand students. Our culinary schools are some of the best culinary schools in the country. During the months of October to May snowbirds, sports fans, and people from all over the country flock here. Our resort destination is one of the best in the country. We have cactuses, desert wildlife, some of the best and scenic hikes, best sunsets and sunrises, and a perfect place for you to invest. We are the 5th largest city in the U.S and growing. Who knows you might just stay and retire here? I know I am…

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the GOOD. the BAD. the UGLY. SELLING a home with TENANTS | Phoenix-metro

There are many reasons someone might need to sell a tenant-occupied property in the Valley of the Sun (Arizona).

You hate being a landlord, landlord life is not for you! You want to take advantage of Phoenix, Arizona hot sellers’ market. You are looking to move money elsewhere. If you must sell a home with tenants its best to tread lightly

and do some research. Kidding… JK it’s not breaking bad style of selling homes although we have been called the wild wild west or real estate. Everyday homes in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Glendale, Peoria, and through Maricopa County Arizona are being sold with tenants in place.

Here lies the good, the bad, and the ugly of selling a home with tenants plus some advice and guidance from top Realtor Juan Pesqueira ——————->

The Good (Thank you baby Jesus):

By selling a home with tenants it allows you to continue collecting rents and making money (Cheddar baby). On top of rental income when you close escrow you will receive a huge check (Cha Ching). And if done correctly you will not need to transfer or pay back the deposits. This is a perfect world scenario but as well all know nothing is perfect. There is a saying in real estate, what can, will go wrong. Expect the unexpected.

The Bad (issues that must be addressed upfront):

Tenants have rights! Every landlord in Arizona should read the Arizona Land Lord Tenant act. Get familiar with this bible. Know your rights and the tenants’ rights before listing any property with tenants.

A common tenant right is 48 hours’ entry notice. Many tenants will allow showings in short notice and or in 24 hours but that should be addressed with the tenants and in writing. An entry notice must be in writing or email, should be followed up with a call, and a confirmation. This means that any and all showings, inspections, or any entry must be scheduled days in advance.

On the other side buyers don’t have the time to wait for a showing in a hot market like Phoenix-Scottsdale-Tempe, Arizona. You will have many buyers pass the home up for a showing or interest and some are good buyers. A tenant (not knowing) can easily sabotage a sale by making it difficult to access or not allowing showings. ** Reminder *** read/familiarize the Arizona Land Lord Tenant act. It’s your landlord bible.

The Ugly (Go F**K YOURSELF!):

A tenant can kill the deal fast! A tenant can damage the property before and after inspections. A tenant can damage the home before final walkthrough. If the damage is substantial the new buyer might want to renegotiate price, credit, or terms. The new buyer could back out and the sale falls through. This will leave the issue with you. At this point you lost a good buyer, you waisted a lot of time, and your home is in worse shape than when you put it up for sale. A lose all the way.

A mad or uncooperative tenant is difficult to work with. If a tenant is being difficult with you (Seller) how do you think he will be with a 3rd party like a Realtor? Not good, the deal is dead on arrival.

The truth about selling a home with tenants is your buyer pool is smaller for many reasons (access/entry, unforeseen damages and issues, etc.). Financing is a little trickier for tenant occupied homes when it comes to 1st time home buyers and todays #1 buyer is 1st time home buyer. When selling to an investor buyer make sure to have P&L, leases, and tenant info ready. But all these issues if addressed upfront and correctly will result in a top of the market sale.

Advice (From a top Realtor, John Pesqueira)

Tenants are a crucial part of selling a home with tenants, they somewhat take the position of the owner. As a top Realtor in the Phoenix, Arizona market (including Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Glendale, and through Maricopa County Arizona) I have sold many homes with tenants in place. My advice is right from the beginning of the move in date or 1st meet start building a good repour with the tenant. Don’t be a slum lord! Always be courteous and quick to correct issues/respond. Communicate with them often, maybe add verbiage the lease that allows you to enter every 3 months for maintenance and ask them if selling in the future would be an issue – even if you’re not considering selling. This will allow you entry/access and by doing so will keep you up to date with your property.

Although you’re in the real estate business, your also in the people/customer service business. In the people/customer services business people will work with, not against people they like.

This last part is some option scenarios for selling a home with tenants, a guidance as you will.

Option 1: the best option is allowing the lease to expire or let them move out. This allows you to fix up the home and get it ready to sell. It’s almost guaranteed you will make more money without a tenant in place and the home will be ready for new buyer. Even investors prefer a move in ready home vs one with a tenant. Unless they are getting a deal or have done this before.

Option 2: You must sell, don’t spring the sale on the tenant last minute. The minute you are considering selling let the tenant know. This will give them time to prepare and or enough time to find a new place if need. Let’s say at first the tenant is upset, give them time to come around. Sometimes people need a little time to reconsider. Ask their thought about it and if they will be cooperative. More than likely they will be cooperative. If they could be a problem offer them some sort of incentive (less in rent, $ for early move out, dinner, gas, etc.) for early move out or cooperation. If you know for a fact, they will be difficult then wait till the lease expires and let them move out but don’t rush them out. Tenants have rights.

Option #3: Hold onto your investment. Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding cities (Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Glendale, and through Maricopa County Arizona.) is one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. Home values continue to go up and last I heard the Phoenix metro area holds the fastest rising rents.

The last and really the first step is choosing an agent. If you choose an agent to begin with then they will guide you through the process. It allows the agent to begin building repour with the tenants as well as yourself.

A Realtor selling a home with tenants should be courteous. A Realtor should try to work with them and handle any and all showings through them. A Realtor should give the tenant 48+ hours’ notice (Or what was agreed upon) to enter. A Realtor should treat them like they treat any client. A tenant should access to the Realtor and his/her team 24/7. And finally, the Realtor should understand the tenant’s position; also understand the seller’s position as I have been both in my life.

Your next step is to decide if you want to sell your property with tenants.  We invite you to do one of two things:

  1. Free Property Price and consultation. Have a confidential meeting with me to find out the price of your property in today’s market.  There is no charge for this service, and you are not obligated in any way to use our services.
  2. You can reach Juan Pesqueira – Attorneys Realty  at  480.458.8007  (This cell does not have a voice message so if I dont pick up leave a detailed message), call my office 480.767.6900, of shoot me an email: Pesqueira2@cox.net. or fill out this form on my website

Downsizing up: Swap a house for a PENThouse. Lifestyle!

Less is more!

It’s not a money choice, it’s a lifestyle choice.

Today (older) buyers are downsizing. They are opting out of their 10,000+sf mansion with 4+ car garage, luxury home theaters, bowling alley, helipad, sprawling grounds, resort backyards, and gun ranges. And downsizing into their next trophy property: top floor penthouse or luxury condo high-rise.

Why downsize? The maintenance and upkeep of these huge homes, estates, and mansions is a job all its own. If you don’t maintain these homes, they deteriorate. The cost is a waste of money, not to mention the kids have moved out, the property is deteriorating, and it’s time for mom and pop to play and live.

Have you seen the amenities that come with a high-rise penthouse building? 24 hour security, concierge, gyms, spas, roof top pools and BBQ areas, access to resort hotels and pools, on call massage therapist, valet, dry cleaning, commercial offices for meetings, high-tech parking garages, and so much more. It’s an easy choice says realtor Juan Pesqueira. You might also save money, a lot of money by making the swap. So much so your options could include purchasing multiple properties to accommodate guest, for rental income, or buy in other cities and travel. Now let’s talk about outside: Walk to shopping, fine dining, coffee shops, restaurants, you don’t even need a car. If your destination is a little longer no worries an electric scooter will take you there.  

Penthouses are the latest trend in the urban Scottsdale-Phoenix-Tempe-Paradise Valley market and have become a desired contemporary housing option for home seekers. A penthouse (according to condoagent007) is traditionally known as the top-floor unit of a luxury residential building but that definition is changing. Now, “penthouse” is usually more of a marketing term that refers to a unit with a different layout from others in the building, ample outdoor space, great views, or largest size — but it’s not necessarily on the top floor. A penthouse is a lock and leave lifestyle. You can travel and not worry about the property. Hey honey can you fix the light, no worries babe. I’ll call the concierge.

Phoenix metro market is becoming more vertical. It’s a major change in the landscape of Phoenix, Arizona. We have an abundance of new high-rise penthouse developments to choose from. There is never a better time to downsize or relocate into a penthouse or luxury condo in the valley of the sun than now.

Search all Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix luxury high-rise or penthouses for sale…


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Design of the week: Sleek, New Organic Contemporary designed to capture head-on Camelback vistas

Design of the week - Sleek, New organic Contemporary designed to capture head-on Camelback vistas 18


Hood: Phoenix (Arcadia), AZ — The only thing that can compete with this Arcadia contemporary beauty is the vistas of Camelback Mountain! 

Address: 5112 N 43RD PL, Phoenix, AZ 85018 | Cross Streets: 44th Street & Camelback Road.

  • Price tag: $2,100,000
  • Square Feet: 4067
  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Bathrooms: 4 Full and 1 Half Baths
  • Built: 2019



Design of the week - Sleek, New organic Contemporary designed to capture head-on Camelback vistas 15

Remarks: Imagined by Integrated Design and expertly crafted by Boxwell Homes, this stunning new organic contemporary masterpiece nestled in a quiet premier Arcadia neighborhood just off the Camelback Corridor was designed to capture head-on Camelback vistas from the Great Room, Owners Den and Entry courtyard. The indoor Living area and sprawling outdoor patios blend seamlessly with an easy flow through multiple sliding doors. From the moment you enter through the spectacular pivot entry door to the soaring Foyer with Douglas fir ceilings, polished concrete floors, and sand blasted block walls, the warm synergy of natural materials is both welcoming and refreshing. As the home unfolds, a massive Calacatta Colorado stone island provides the centerpiece for the kitchen while the fireplace and Canterra stone hearth balance the Great Room space perfectly. The custom designed 888 bottle climate-controlled wine room is cleverly situated behind the fireplace wall for the owner’s enjoyment. Clean lines and warm finishes define the design ethic followed throughout the house. The Viking kitchen incorporates a generous walkthrough pantry. An owner’s entry just off the garage is a generous and spectacular secondary entrance when entering from the car court. The Master Suite is private and what might be expected with a spa quality Bathroom complete with free standing soaking tub, huge marble shower, floating vanities, and a large Master Closet ready for a second stacked washer/dryer. The owner’s den, or 5th/Guest bedroom, with bathroom enjoys some of the best Camelback views in the house. Three guest rooms enjoy their own privacy on the south wing of the home, one of which has outdoor access. Outdoor entertainment is assured with a magnificent limestone patio, built in barbecue, outdoor shower, and a signature outdoor gas fireplace paying homage to styling from the Biltmore Hotel. Stone, wood, slate, marble and concrete were carefully incorporated throughout the home for a clean, current contemporary feel. Other features include wood framed windows and sliding Windsor door package, linear diffusers, large 3 car garage with separate conditioned storage room, a Large Car Court, and ample room for a pool. Overflowing with savvy design, this is a very special opportunity in a fantastic location close to The Biltmore, Old Town Shopping, and a short ride to The Village at Camelback, The Henry and more. See Documents tab for additional information. And according to listing agents Craig A Young and Nathan Ottosen with Platinum Living Realty bring a full price offer and a Standard Pool will be included! They are willing to show this beauty anytime just give them a shout

Listing agents: Craig A Young and Nathan Ottosen | Platinum Living Realty

Design of the week - Sleek, New organic Contemporary designed to capture head-on Camelback vistas 17

Not only is this a beautiful designed home but when you combine the home + lot size, luxury home features, and amazing location it’s a great buy say’s Realtor Juan Pesqueira!


Buy-it or

search at lavishpAdZ.com/ 

The 7 most expensive Penthouses & Luxury Condos Sales in Arizona 2018 are…

For past two years, Scottsdale Waterfront Residences & Two Biltmore Estates has dominated the list of the most expensive Penthouses sold— And this year is no different. But we have a new player in the game, The Villas at Mountain Shadows and Enclave at Borgata. Both these “Brand New” developments are located in Paradise Valley and came in at #4 and #5 on the list with sales prices between $2.6-2.7 milliion.  

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 7 most expensive penthouses and high-rise condos in Arizona.

1. PH 1202 – Scottsdale Waterfront Residences | $3,450,000 – 3,363 sf

The 7 most expensive penthouses & luxury condos sales in Arizona 2018 are


2. PH 1004 – Scottsdale Waterfront Residences | $3,200,000 – 2,975 sf

The 7 most expensive penthouses & luxury condos sales in Arizona 2018 are 1

The Scoop: This one of a kind 3-bedroom 3.5 bath unit at the Scottsdale Waterfront boosts beautiful views in every direction. The unit wraps around the entire southern end of the building overlooking the canal and Papago Mountains to the South, Red Rock, Four Peaks and Superstition Mountains to the east and Camelback Mountain to the west. This beautiful unit has two balconies, east and south. The homes pristine condition features an optimal flow and split floor plan. The home has a many custom feature that include upgraded flooring, granite counter tops, a European designed built in bar, kitchen, book shelves, all with every detail attended to. Private parties can be held in the entertainment room with preparation in the Chef’s kitchen. Make sure to take in the majestic views from the roof top pool and spa. All within walking distance to premier shopping, galleries, restaurants, nightlife and waterfront fitness. This home is too good to miss.

3. PH 210 – Two Biltmore Estates | $2,748,000 – 4,817 sf

The 7 most expensive penthouses & luxury condos sales in Arizona 2018 are 2

The Scoop: This brand new, luxury condominium has unbeatable views across the Biltmore golf course and the Phoenix skyline. The home features 12-foot ceilings with 3 en-suite bedrooms, a separate office and large scale living and media/entertaining areas. With over 4800 sf, three balconies and impeccable finishes and materials, there is nothing like this home currently on the market. Fantastic wood floors throughout the home, marble slabs covering counters, walls and floors, commercial grade appliances and high-end fixtures. The highly desirable lock and leave lifestyle literally within the grounds of the World-renowned Arizona Biltmore Resort. This brand-new home is the last developer unit and has the best views in the community.

4. 5493 E Valley Vista Ln – VILLAS AT MOUNTAIN SHADOWS | $2,735,178 – 3,615 sf

The 7 most expensive penthouses & luxury condos sales in Arizona 2018 are 3

The Scoop: Luxury New Villa at Mountain Shadows Resort Paradise Valley location. Enjoy resort living w/ full amenities at adjacent resort combined with distinct architectural designs. Enjoy views from 800+ sq. ft. outdoor deck. This Villa has 20 ft. high entry foyer with private elevator/stairs to living level. Luxurious designer features include, Wolf combo dual fuel range oven and microwave, Sub Zero refrigerator, Asko dishwasher, Zephyr hood,10 ft. high ceilings, 9 ft. bi-fold doors to deck,9 ft. bi-fold from master suite to deck, indoor/outdoor fireplaces, 3-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom, 2 car private driveway, 2 car private attached garage, 24 hr guarded entry, & more!

5. PH A4002 – Enclave at Borgata Condominium | $2,650,000 – 4,120 sf

The 7 most expensive penthouses & luxury condos sales in Arizona 2018 are 4

The Scoop: Fantastic customized penthouse residence at The Enclave at Borgata, Scottsdale’s newest luxury condominium community. This home features a grand scale great room with a huge balcony and outstanding views, 10-foot ceilings, fantastic kitchen with walk-in pantry and a den/office with beautiful custom built-ins and millwork. The spacious master suite has a bright and beautiful marble bathroom and another large balcony. The home features another en suite guest room plus a large attached guest suite with separate entrance and a kitchenette. Home also includes a private 3 car garage within the garage! Luxury amenities include a gated entrance, resident services coordinators, club room, outdoor fireplace and gardens, heated pool and spa, dog park, fully-equipped fitness studio and a walking path.

6. PH 203 – VILLAS AT MOUNTAIN SHADOWS | $2,466,787 – 3,620 sf

The 7 most expensive penthouses & luxury condos sales in Arizona 2018 are 5

The Scoop:  Luxury New Villa with iconic Camelback Mountain views in Mountain Shadows Resort Paradise Valley location. Enjoy resort living w/ full amenities at adjacent resort combined with distinct architectural designs and indoor living extending to 800+ sq.ft. Outdoor deck by 9 ft high bi-fold doors. Enjoy views of Camelback Mountain and Piestawa Mtn while looking over the golf course. This Villa has 20 ft high entry with private elevator/stairs to living level. Luxurious designer features include, Custom flooring and countertops, Wolf combo dual fuel range oven, steam oven and microwave, Sub Zero refrigerator, Asko dishwasher, Zephyr hood,10 ft high ceilings, indoor/outdoor fireplaces, 3 bedroom, 3.5-bathroom, 2 car driveway, 2 car garage 24 hr guarded entry, & more!

7. 6168 N Las Brisas Dr – VILLAS AT MOUNTAIN SHADOWS | $2,298,000 – 3,615 sf

The 7 most expensive penthouses & luxury condos sales in Arizona 2018 are 6

The Scoop: Luxury New Villa with iconic Camelback Mountain views in Mountain Shadows Resort Paradise Valley location. Enjoy resort living w/ full amenities at adjacent resort combined with distinct architectural designs. Enjoy views of Camelback Mountain and Piestewa Mtn while looking over the golf course from 800+ sq. ft. Outdoor deck. This Villa has 20 ft. high entry foyer with private elevator/stairs to living level. Luxurious designer features include, Custom flooring and countertops, Wolf combo dual fuel range oven, steam oven and microwave, Sub Zero refrigerator, wine storage cabinet, 2 Asko dishwashers, 48” Zephyr hood,9 ft. bi-fold doors to deck, 10 ft. high ceilings, indoor/outdoor fireplaces, 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom, 2 car driveway, 2 car attached garage, 24 hr. guarded entry, & more

Luxury penthouses and high-rise condos in recent years have become the crème of the Phoenix-Scottsdale real estate market, especially in urban areas. Hence, when we speak of the most expensive penthouses for sale, one is immediately flooded with images of grandeur that is befitting the rich and the affluent. Most of these luxury condominiums and condos are spread across some of the most desirables valley locations, offering not only a lavish and comfortable lifestyle, but also breathtaking views of the cities they are located in. From Scottsdale to Phoenix to Paradise Valley, these luxuries real estate provide their occupants or owners with the most astounding features and desirable amenities to make their opulent lifestyles all the more luxurious. If you are looking to live the Penthouse lifestyle, downsizing, or relocating to Phoenix – Scottsdale – Paradise Valley areas let me (Luxury Realtor Juan Pesqueira) help you find your lifestyle property…


Luxury penthouses and high-rise condos for sale

Top Realtor® guide SELLING an OUT-of-STATE property in Arizona from afar…

Trying to sell a house in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe or throughout Arizona is tough enough, and if you’re selling a home from out of state, it can be damn near scary but in reality its It’s Easy As Pie…

Whether you’ve had to relocate because of a new job, are selling a second home or investment property, or are trying to settle the estate of a former relative, a few simple steps can help you to sell your Arizona property quickly and avoid carrying costs for property that you’re not living in.

The goal to selling home or condominium from out of state is to get the best price for your property in a reasonable period of time. You don’t want to sit or toy with the market for too long.

If you take the time to address these crucial areas before you carry on with your life in another state, you’re likely to secure a sale quickly—so you’re not carrying multiple mortgages or paying for upkeep on an empty property.

1234STEP #1 Choose REALTOR® Juan Pesqueira.

Don’t go at it alone, that’s crazy! You must hire a REALTOR, who will be responsible for showing and marketing the home, making sure all legal paperwork is complete and timelines are in order, checking on it in your absence, possibly hiring contractors to handle upgrades and repairs, and ensuring there is a smooth sales transaction.


Because you’re trying to sell the home or condo quickly and achieve the highest possible price, it’s important to price the home right (Market value) rather than test the market with a high figure and take price cuts later. Although full disclosure some properties benefit using the price high, take price cuts. This will be part of the market evaluation Juan Pesqueira does. Although we want to sell quickly, I don’t want to leave money on the table.

Rely on your agent (Juan Pesqueira) to look at the home and advise you on how best to price it after looking at comparable home sales, doing a full market analysis, and tapping into your agents market knowledge. This will determine how long the home will remain on the market at that price compared to other price points.


This should be step #1 and its always best to have another set of eyes (Your REALTOR) go through the home first. As REALTORS we deal with buyers, see a lot of property, and know what buyers will say or think before entering.

Today’s Buyers want a home that looks move-in ready. That means you’ll need to make sure the place is clean and free of clutter. Get rid of all the crap, remove all personal property, make it smell good.  

If you need to use an auction company, hold a garage sale, and hire professional cleaner to get the most value – do so.

Every buyer will get a home inspection during the inspection period. If you know of any major issues, its best to let your agent know upfront (as you will need to fill out the SPDS – Seller property disclosure statements). Be sure to make any necessary home repairs and don’t ignore cosmetic upgrades. If you do, be prepared to make them, or give a price drop/credit during inspections.  Although you don’t need to renovate the entire home, it’ll help to fix major problems, have the home professionally cleaned and repainted.

With that in mind, before you skip town, you might want to hire an on-call handyman to address last-minute repairs who can accept online payments.

STEP 4. SEX SELLS and in real estate it’s necessary!

Scottsdale Real Estate

Once you have everything in its place and are ready to show off your home OR condominium, do so with professional photos (This is covered by your real estate agent Juan Pesqueira). Virtual reality is the new selling trend, a 3-D floor plan, aerial photography and video, or walkthrough video will enhance your property online and allow buyers to check it out from their living room. In the luxury real estate world this is mandatory as your buyer can be outside the state or country.

A professional photographer will know how to best capture your home’s SEXIEST features. Especially now that many potential home buyers start shopping online, professional photos can enhance your listing.

You’d be surprised how many potential home buyers are turned off by horrible photos, bad lighting, etc.

If you live in Canada, California, New York, or anywhere in the country (but not in Arizona) and trying to sell your property in Arizona – whether it be an Investment, luxury home, penthouse, doing a 1031 exchange, condominium, land, multi-family, etc. and looking to put your property on the market, i can help.  It’s Easy & Simple. This is a full service listing we offer to out of state sellers.

How is the process done?  Easy, if there is a way for us to have access to the property all documents for listing and selling the property can be completed via email (DocuSign) or scan.   We will also send you showing reports and market updates throughout the process.  Juan Pesqueira is ALWAYS available by phone (Text and Call) or email to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

If you are considering placing your property on the market, please don’t hesitate to contact Juan Pesqueira or give me a shout.

Explore the inside of 2 Biltmore Estates All-White Interior luxury design Penthouse

Asking price $2,749,000…

Nobody likes to play favorites but I must admit my current favorite is all white interior designs! This design type is not for all, you got kids forget about it. Penthouse #213 at Two Biltmore Estates has the perfect blend of all white interior design with a splash of grey. This luxury residences features 3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms, over 4800 SQ. Ft, an office & a den, chef’s kitchen.

2 BILTMORE EST all white design penthouse 2

It comes with 3 car underground parking spots and pocket doors leading to the balcony which overlooking The Biltmore golf course, mountain, and city views! It’s the perfect blend of luxury living and beautiful design.

The broker who represents this all white design is Sterling Fine Properties

Contact us and let us know what you are looking for

2016 Pricey Penthouse list: The 5 Most Expensive Penthouses sold In Arizona!

From Old Town Scottsdale to Downtown Phoenix, from Tempe Mill Ave to The Biltmore we’ve got you covered. Welcome to Phoenix, Arizona also known as the Valley of the Sun. Without further ado here are the most expensive penthouse sales in 2016.

#1. The most expensive sale was the Wall of Floor-to-Ceiling Glass penthouse in the PLAZA LOFTS at Kierland. The 9th-floor, 3,600-square-foot unit was purchased for $3.2 million and comes with INCREDIBLE CITY LIGHTS, SUNRISE AND SUNSETS views all day & night!


#2. aka Residence #1203: This 3,350-square-foot penthouse unit on the twelfth floor of the ESPLANADE PLACE, a luxury condo building that was one of the first to introduce the Penthouse lifestyle in The Valley of the Sun. Many know this complex as Phoenix’s ultimate high-rise address. The three-bedroom, 3-bath updated masterpiece sold for $2.25 million in December.


#3. Unit #108 in TWO BILTMORE ESTATES took 3rd place. Coming in hot! (and weird number) at $1,945,850 – talk about a numbers person… This unit was advertised as having the most exquisite golf course, mountain, AND city light views within the heart of the Biltmore and at that price you’d expect it!


#4. The Largest penthouse of the bunch. We had this one featured in August 2015 (Bridgeview at Hayden Ferry Lakeside Penthouse Contemporary in Design, Very “Chic” and Finally Complete). This One-of-a-kind Penthouse just been completed, BRAND NEW and ready for occupancy!! Occupancy came in May 2016. The (Just Shy) 5,000 sf 3 bed, 3 bath on the water sold for $1,938,888 (lucky 8’s).


#5. Located in SCOTTSDALE WATERFRONT RESIDENCES. This end unit facing Scottsdale Canal & Arts district, with Wraparound Views!! two Balconies & View windows sold for $1.9 Million.


Contact: Arizona Ultra-Luxury Real Estate seekers & concierge…


2016 Phoenix to Scottsdale luxury real estate market summed up in one word. Record Breaking!!!

To sum it up with one word! Record breaking year for the Phoenix Metro Luxury Real Estate market. We broke not one but two records. Scottsdale, Arizona up in the Canyon Heights subdivision saw the most expensive home ever sold in Arizona, a whopping $13,700,000 price tag. In Phoenix, Arizona – Arcadia area up on Camelback and Camelhead a CONTEMPORARY HILLSIDE on the edge sold for $11,200,000.

Here’s the list, which is based on county property records and information from Juan Pesqueira. Click on the slideshow to see photos of some of them… 

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  1. $13.7 million (Record Breaking)

Address: Scottsdale, Arizona (Canyon Heights). Month sold: April

About the Estate: This 25,989 square-foot estate Truly one of a kind, this Mediterranean masterpiece sits on over 6.5 acres in one of North Scottsdale’s most desirable gated communities. It has nine bedrooms, seventeen bathrooms and comes with a 12-car garage. The sale reportedly set a record for most expensive home ever sold in Scottsdale, Arizona.


  1. $11.2 million (Record Breaking)

Address: Phoenix, Arizona on Red Rock st: Month sold: March

About the CONTEMPORARY HILLSIDE: This five-bedroom, six and half-bathroom home on 1.25 acre built onto the side of Camelback Mountain has its own elevator, INDOOR/OUTDOOR CLIMBING WALL, TERRACED PUTTING GREENS, four car garage stalls and a ATTACHED GUEST HOUSE WITH A FULL KITCHEN.

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  1. $11.1 million (Broken Record in Silverleaf)

Address: Scottsdale, Arizona in Silverleaf. Month sold: October

About the home: The six-bedroom, ten & half-bathroom house on 4.09 acres is a Dale Gardon, architect, David Michael Miller, designer, and Linthicum Construction combined their genius to create this exquisite Santa Barbara style estate on two of the finest view lots in Silverleaf.


  1. $10.4 million (Off the market in Silverleaf)

Address: Scottsdale, Arizona in Silverleaf. Month sold: July

The 411: per the country assessors on July 15th 2016 (new construction) 9,661 sf mansion on 1.89 acres located in Silverleaf at DC Ranch sold for $10,384,868. The lot itself was pegged as “situated at the top of and overlooking the green of the 1st fairway of the golf course at Silverleaf, this is truly the single most spectacular golf and city view lot in all the Valley let alone Silverleaf”.


  1. $8.5 million (Off the market in Silverleaf)

Address: Scottsdale, Arizona in Silverleaf. Month sold: August

About the home: This majestic 2-acre estate is situated in the upper canyon Silverleaf. The 14,313 s.f. home encompasses 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and a guest casita.


  1. $8 million (Off the market in Paradise Valley)

Address: Joshua Tree Ln in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Month sold: January

About the home: Views surround you in the Heart of Paradise. The home was built by CALVIS WYANT HOMES and features 10,509 sf with guest house…The sale was sold off the market for $8,000,000…


  1. $7.7 million (Off the market in Paradise Valley)

Address: Scottsdale, Arizona (DESERT MOUNTAIN). Month sold: September

The Scoop:  One of the most magnificent homes and homesites in all of Arizona situated on top of a 1 acre hillside lot located just south the Chiricahua Clubhouse overlooking the 18th hole. Built by Platinum Homes and designed by architect Bing Hu this impressive estate offers unmatched panoramic views, exquisite architecture, contemporary elegance & ultimate entertaining. This livable 8,460 sq ft home features 4 en suite bedrooms, a 1 bedroom guest house.

2016 has been an amazing year for luxury real estate in the Phoenix Metro market (includes Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Arcadia, Biltmore, etc.). Multiple records were broken. I still believe that we are underpriced for the type of home and size (land and structure) you can buy compared to around the world. We don’t have ocean front but we do have lake front, we don’t have sky scrapers but we do have the most amazing sunsets. I’ll take mountain and desert views any day of the year! Why not retire in Arizona? From Scottsdale to phoenix, from Paradise to the Biltmore – the perfect weather and views await…

Contact: Arizona Ultra-Luxury Real Estate seekers & concierge…


Due to respect of the new owners and our policy of confidentiality we did not disclose property addresses. All sales above was recorded in the county assessors. The list above to be updated at the end of the year if any new record breaking sales record within the last week of 2016. – John

Some love and TLC will get this Scottsdale home poppin in the 85281!

Located on the south west corner of 62nd st and Exeter Blvd across from the Scottsdale learning center in the 85281 zip. This prime Scottsdale home with contemporary vibe and funkadelic colors was once priced $3.1 million, now the bank says sell it!

Some love and TLC will get this Scottsdale home poppin in the 85281 11

The original list price was $2.120M, today it’s been dropped down to $1.56M. Let’s cut to the chase, it needs work – the pool is empty and covered, the colors and design is out of touch even for today’s contemporary standards. But when you break down the overall property; over 5,200 sf, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 shitters, 3 car garage, and on .68-acre lot it’s a good deal that could be a better deal since it’s been listed for 200+ days.

Whats hot in real estate? Location, Location, Location…This is one of the best locations in Scottsdale and Phoenix combined. To the east is Old Town Scottsdale, to the west is Arcadia and Phoenix/Biltmore area, and to the North is Camelback Mountain/Paradise Valley. The who’s who in Arizona and celebrities call this area home. The Phoenician Resort, the Biltmore resort, the W, Scottsdale Fashion square, Maya day spa, art galleries, bars, shopping, dining, etc. all within a short drive or damn near walk. Now let’s be clear, at the current price this is not a fix n flip price but it’s a great buy fix and hold investment. Hold if for 3-5 years before putting back for sale or for all you 1.7+M home shoppers this would be a perfect next buy if you’re willing to do some work. The bank is asking $1,558,600 but as they say everything is negotiable…

Check out the listing here…

Contact: Arizona Ultra-Luxury Real Estate seekers & blog…


6th floor Optima Biltmore Towers diggs has huge terrace, wine lovers dream

Let’s cut to the chase the 2,000 sq. ft. terrace is an entertainers dream and the 500 bottle wine cellar is a wine aficionados dream!

Located on the 6th floor at the Optima Biltmore Towers, this rare 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2,352 sqft high-rise contemporary condo packs a punch. The unit encompasses the entire south half of the 6th floor and features mountain and city views.  The terrace is very unique, private, and get this landscaped. Both the unit and furniture have been features in magazines (Arizona and Miami). This rare unit is the perfect entertainment pad, also has an additional balcony off the master, and the $860,000 price is right!

Optima Biltmore Towers Condos for sale

The Optima Biltmore amenities include concierge, business center, conference room, full fitness center, party room with caterer’s kitchen, secured underground parking, 2 parking spaces and 2 garage storage units, rooftop pool & spa w/BBQ & party deck!

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Arizona Ultra-Luxury Real Estate Finders & Sellers


$1.87M Bank Owned Tudor-Style in Exclusive Biltmore Estates

$1.87M Bank Owned Tudor-Style in Exclusive Biltmore Estates

  • Location: Phoenix AZ (Biltmore Estates)
  • Architecture: Tudor
  • Price: $1,872,500

This privately gated estate is located on the 6th tee box at Biltmore Estates. Featuring 5 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, 5619 sqft, 2 car garage, and on a .81 acre lot.  Enter and you are greeted by dramatic vaulted ceilings and a stone detailed fireplace. Detailed wooden staircase leads up to the loft/library. The French doors, custom cabinets, stone fireplaces, and detail throughout the home really brings this Tudor together. Outside the main residence is a Maid/guest quarters, Pebble-Tec pool with grotto waterfall & spa with waterfall feature, and built-in BBQ.

$1.87M Bank Owned Tudor-Style in Exclusive Biltmore Estates 1

Biltmore Estates offers 24 hour roving security, walking distance to Biltmore Fashion Park, and the amazing street presence is clear with a circular driveway.  JPMorgan Chase Bank is the owner on title.  Like all bank owned properties this one is sold AS IS with no SPDS or CLUE provided.  Allow 1-2 days for a response per listing agent but the bank is ready to make a deal! Contact us for a private tour!

Click to view listing website

$1.87M Bank Owned Tudor-Style in Exclusive Biltmore Estates 2 $1.87M Bank Owned Tudor-Style in Exclusive Biltmore Estates 3 $1.87M Bank Owned Tudor-Style in Exclusive Biltmore Estates 4

BUY-IT          LIST-IT          Contact

You Have Options: $1 Million Bucks buys a Whole Hell of a lot of House in Arizona.

If you had $1,000,000, where would you live? I’ll tell you what you can’t really afford much in popular areas of LA, NY, or Miami unless you are looking to live in a box.  But in Arizona you get a whole hell of a lot of house.  The most expensive zip codes in Arizona are Paradise Valley and Scottsdale – guess what you can buy a nice piece of property with that much money.

We’re talking 4,000 sq. feet, private pool, move in ready, and close to where all the action is at.  Go beyond areas of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley and you get even more of a home.  Let’s take a look at the options you have within the $1,000,000 budget in Arizona.

#1. Scottsdale, Arizona | $999,999 – 5 Beds/3.5 Baths .49 Acres

$1,000,000 Budget AZ

#2. Scottsdale, Arizona | $995,000 – 3 Beds/2.5 Baths .20 Acres

$1,000,000 Budget AZ 1

#3. Paradise Valley, Arizona | $980,000 – 5 Beds/4 Baths .80 Acres

$1,000,000 Budget AZ 2

#4. Paradise Valley, Arizona | $1,000,000 – 3 Beds/2.5 Baths 1.01 Acres

$1,000,000 Budget AZ 3

#5. Paradise Valley, Arizona | $1,000,000 – 4 Beds/3 Baths .76 Acres

$1,000,000 Budget AZ 4

#6. Phoenix, Arizona | $994,000 – 4 Beds/4.5 Baths .34 Acres

$1,000,000 Budget AZ 5

#7. Phoenix, Arizona | $995,000 – 4 Beds/2.5 Baths .43 Acres

$1,000,000 Budget AZ 6

#8. Phoenix, Arizona | $985,000 – 4 Beds/4 Baths .53 Acres

$1,000,000 Budget AZ 7

#9. Mesa, Arizona | $998,000 – 5 Beds/4.5 Baths .88 Acres

$1,000,000 Budget AZ 8

#10.Chandler, Arizona | $980,000 – 5 Beds/3.5 Baths 1.2 Acres

$1,000,000 Budget AZ 9

#11.Tempe, Arizona | $965,000 – 6 Beds/3.25 Baths .41 Acres

$1,000,000 Budget AZ 10

#12.Peoria, Arizona | $1,095,00 – 4 Beds/3.5 Baths 1.13 Acres

$1,000,000 Budget AZ 11

#13.Glendale, Arizona | $999,000 – 5 Beds/2.5 Baths 1.2 Acres

$1,000,000 Budget AZ 12

#14.Carefree, Arizona | $1,070,000 – 3 Beds/3 Baths 1.42 Acres

$1,000,000 Budget AZ 13

#15. Cave Creek, Arizona | $950,000 – 3 Beds/2.5 Baths 1.1 Acres

$1,000,000 Budget AZ 14

#16. Fountain Hills, Arizona | $950,000 – 4 Beds/3.5 Baths .59 Acres

$1,000,000 Budget AZ 15

#16. Green Valley, Arizona | $749,900 – 4 Beds/4 Baths 1.06 Acres

$1,000,000 Budget AZ 16

Click this link for more info and detail about the properties above.

Are you ready to begin looking for your $1,000,000 Arizona Desert Escape?  Fill out our BUY-IT FORM and we will be in touch 


10th floor Penthouse at 2211 Camelback the Residences has a bold entrance & bold $2.3 Million Price Tag

2211 E Camelback RD 1003 Phoenix, AZ 85016 6

Price Tag: $2,300,000

The Hood: The Biltmore (Phoenix, Arizona)

The porcelain flooring with intricate granite inlays is something seen out in a Las Vegas stip villa or penthouse that could generate $10-50K a night. This stunning 4000SF unit is loaded with high-end finishes, Swarovski chandeliers, a chef’s kitchen, and state of the art AV system. Located in the 10th floor a top The Residences in downtown phoenix with never ending views and 2 private terraces. All your wants, needs, and desires can be ordered through the 24/7 concierge.  Year round valet parking, a doorman, and secure parking/storage make this one safe haven.

Inside this building is a clubroom, library, amazing fitness center with locker rooms, fully equipped business center and board room, a rooftop pool, spa, bbq & firepit complete with numerous seating areas to enjoy the gorgeous sunrise and sunset each day. If you are seeking the finest in high-rise living then this unit should be for you!

Click for listing website

French Country Chateau neighboring the Arizona Biltmore asking $2.35 Million

2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016

This is not France nor anywhere near but sure do feels like it.  Located in East Bartlett Estates just across the Arizona Biltmore and situated on over 2.5 privately gated acre lot. You can hold your own French open as one of the many features is its very own private tennis courts. There is also a special play area perfect for the kiddos or dogs to roam around.  Featuring high – high ceilings, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 3 large size car garage, 5,512 square feet, and asking $2,500,000.

“A little different architecture from what buyers are used to in Arizona and I have to admit I like it”!

Listing Website

2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016 16

2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016 19

2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016 18

2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016 2

2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016 8

2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016 4

2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016 20

2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016 17

2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016 14

2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016 15

2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016 12

2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016 13

2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016 11

2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016 7

2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016 6

2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016 5

2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016 9 2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016 10

2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016 3

2333 E MISSOURI AVE Phoenix, AZ 85016 21