Lets Meet over a Cup of Joe (Zoom)


I often find that face-to-face meetings are more productive than impersonal telephone calls and why not over a cup of Joe?  Itโ€™s no hassle, no obligation, and (if in person) itโ€™s on me. Letโ€™s chat about real estate, have buying or selling questions, pick my brain.  If you would like to meet up for a cup of Joe, feel free to call me at my office 480.767.6900, e-mail me at LavishPadBoutique@gmail.com, call me direct at 480.458.8007.

P.S โ€“ I/We abide by all COVID-19 guidelines. I/We will wear a mask ๐Ÿ˜ท, I/We will be 6 feet (or more) apart, and I/We have been vaccinated ๐Ÿ’‰ . If you are still uncomfortable with meeting (abiding by CEC guidelines) in person, I/we can do the meeting over zoom or facetime.

– Juan Pesqueira, Realtor.

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  1. John
    Annette Montgomery with Johnson Bank, I am a Luxury Custom Home Financing Vice President. when are you available to speak with me about my One Time Close Construction Financing.

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