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Just a local Realtor (real estate agent) by the name of JUAN PESQUEIRA in Scottsdale, Arizona blogging about some of the most luxurious and unique homes and penthouses for sale. At the same time showing You (the reader) our luxury real estate market in Arizona and how it compares to the world. 

A little bias but I believe we have some of the most beautiful and affordable (compared to NY, LA, Miami +) luxury real estate to choose from. Our Desert landscape, which includes desert wild life, cactuses, a boulder or two (watch out for snakes, bob cats, scorpions, etc) is more beautiful than your water/ocean front views or your sky-high sky scraper views. So, check out my blog and see for yourself…Tell me would you buy here?

This blog also allows you to search all luxury homes and penthouse for sale. Offers some excellent buying, selling, and pre-listing advice/info. that includes BINSR, what to do to get your home ready to list, what buyers should look for, celebrity and athlete real estate, etc. If you are in the market to buy your next luxury home or sell your own personal property feel free to reach out to me, i can find your dream home and sell it at the same time…

Buying, Selling, Renting, removal of post/photos or for all your Luxury Home, Mansion, High-Rise Penthouse, and Lavish Pad Needs. Please complete our form below and I will contact you shortly. 

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