My name is Juan Pesqueira, I am a realtor with Attorneys Realty and this is my blog!

I leave you with this – Albert Einstein once said, the definition of genius is taking the complex and making it SIMPLE. At the risk of perhaps oversimplifying the seemingly complex world of real estate, I’d like to put the work into context. I connect buyers with sellers while facilitating the transaction in the simplest way possible. That’s it! My intent is not to diminish the importance of our role as an agent and all the many tasks we engage in. However, my experience as a Realtor, Appraiser, and Advisor when working with buyers/sellers over the last 16 years, has led me to a simple conclusion; many agents overcomplicate the things we do. With that being said, I bring a different APPROACH, VIEW, and STYLE to listing and selling homes. Having 16 years of SALES (residential and commercial) & APPRAISAL (residential) experience allows me to offer the opinion that the number of agents filing the role of advisor are few and far between. They also happen to be the very small segment of true professionals. – Juan Pesqueira

About the blog: When you combine nature, desert, wildlife, and architecture Arizona is the place to live. This blog is a snapshot of that. Hands down no other real estate market compares.

This blog also offers up useful buying and selling guides, great advice from top realtors, and everything real estate including some commercial.

If you are a buyer, seller, or investor who stumbled upon this blog and would like to buy, sell, or invest reach out to us or fill the form below

Remove/Add – If you are an agent, seller, or buyer who wishes to add or have your home or penthouse removed feel free to reach out and let me know. Any and all listings I post will provide the listing agents and brokerages information if not represented by me and my brokerage. 

Guest Blogger: This blog has millions of views so If you would like to write something for this blog let me know. If your blog article meets the guidelines well post. Have a question? Email and well answer to the best of our knowledge.

Realtor/Broker Referral: Referring a client to another Realtor can be a hassle. You want to be certain that the agent will take good care of the client—and remember to send the referral fee your way when the transaction is complete! I am willing to pay up to 30% or more (depending on certain circumstances) referral fee. Feel free to reach out and lets partner in helping you client buy or sell a residential, commercial, land, or investment property in the Scottsdale – Phoenix metro market and surrounding areas.

For all your Buying, Selling or Search all real estate for sale…

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