6. Tempe luxury homes and condos

Tempe Luxury Homes Welcomes you to the city of Tempe, Arizona, the city about lifestyle! Tempe has some of the countryโ€™s best weather, there is nothing like taking in an Arizona State University Football game at Sun Devil Stadium during our hot summer nights. A favorite spot amongst college students and young adults living in Tempe, AZ is the iconic Tempe Downtown District or Mill Ave (as the locals call it). A simple walk through Mill Avenue District one can easily witness the variety of atmosphere in a single block. From Students shopping with mom and dadโ€™s money to executives on a quick lunch break, Mill Ave offers something for everyone. With over 100 restaurants, nightclubs and retail shops, Downtown Tempe is also the supplier of more than 20,000 jobs in the area.  The entertainment district is the only walk able urban atmosphere in the Valley. Home to retailers only found on Mill Ave, talented street musicians, and exciting mix of interesting people and one of kind restaurants you have never experienced. Downtown Tempe has long earned its frame as a lively atmosphere, a great place to find fun in the sun, and pleasures after dark. Mill Ave offers a variety of things to do beyond the miles of the district.

Do not forget to stop by Tempe Town Lake for a walk, run, kayaking, paddle boating, fishing, or a firework show. Tempe is a frequent travel destination for people across Arizona, the Nation, and the world! But there are plenty of other criteria for finding the perfect Tempe Home or Condo. Each neighborhood has its own distinctive personality, unique features, and advantages โ€“ From Tempe Mill Avenue high rise urban and Penthouse living, real estate south of the 202 in zip codes 85284, finding the perfect Luxury Home or Mansion in Circle G Ranches, Las Estadas, Shady Lanes, Warner Ranch, and surrounding Tempe Neighborhoods.

Ready to take your online tour? If so scroll down and find the neighborhood that best fits your lifestyle and click the links to view million dollar homes and unique properties for sale. Each listing you click will provide a great collection of information about each property including neighborhoods, photos and videos. Considerate it our way of saying welcome to Tempe, Arizona.

Explore this luxury location & all homes, mansions, condos, penthouses for sale on our luxury website โ€“ LAVISHPaDz.com or belowโ€ฆSimple. Click. Sign Up. See. Find. Tour. Buy.

Hotels, Resorts & Spas


Tempe Neighborhoods & Subdivisions

Click on the subdivision name to pull up all for sale homesGreentree Elevated-001Alta Mira

  • $350,000 โ€“ $550,000
  • 1,400 โ€“ 3,200 sq. ft.

Alisanos Tempe

  • $350,000 โ€“ $850,000
  • 2,280 โ€“ 4,600 sq. ft.

Carver Ranch Estates

  • $350,000 โ€“ $800,000
  • 2,900 โ€“ 5,400 sq. ft.


  • $350,000 โ€“ $800,000
  • 2,300 โ€“ 4,300 sq. ft.


  • $800,000 โ€“ $6,800,000
  • 2,500 โ€“ 14,000 sq. ft

College Lane

  • $500,000 โ€“ $1,300,000
  • 2,668 โ€“ 5,000 sq. ft

Coventry Tempe

  • $5000,000 โ€“ $1,300,000
  • 2,668 โ€“ 5,000 sq. ft


  • $5000,000 โ€“ $1,200,000
  • 3,700 โ€“ 5,500 sq. ft

Las Estadas

  • $750,000 โ€“ $3,000,000
  • 3,000 โ€“ 13,000 sq. ft


  • $300,000 โ€“ $800,000
  • 3,000 โ€“ 5,000 sq. ft


  • $750,000 โ€“ $1,500,000
  • 3,800 โ€“ 5,900 sq. ft

The Lakes

  • $300,000 โ€“ $800,000
  • 1,500 โ€“ 6,100 sq. ft


  • $600,000 โ€“ $2,000,000
  • 3,000 โ€“ 7,500 sq. ft

Warner | Estates, Ranch, Village

  • $150,000 โ€“ $1,500,000
  • 1,500 โ€“ 7,100 sq. ft

Urban Living |Penthouse & High-Rise & Lofts

Hayden Ferry Lake Side | Bridgeview & Edgewater

  • $250,000 โ€“ $2,000,000
  • 1,168 โ€“ 5,000 sq. ft

Lofts at Orchidhouse

  • $250,000 โ€“ $1,500,000
  • 1,074 โ€“ 4,924 sq. ft

Regatta Pointe

  • $200,000 โ€“ $500,000
  • 759 โ€“ 2,000 sq. ft

5th Street

  • $250,000 โ€“ $450,000
  • 1,300 โ€“ 1,900 sq. ft

Brownstone at Hyde Park

  • $185,000 โ€“ $450,000
  • 976 โ€“ 2,500 sq. ft

Hayden Square

  • $125,000 โ€“ $350,000
  • 976 โ€“ 2,500 sq. ft

Vale Condominiums

  • $100,000 โ€“ $300,000
  • 864 โ€“ 2,257 sq. ft

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