4. For Out of Town Luxury Home Sellers

We will handle everything for our out of town luxury home, condo, and penthouse sellers.

  • Allow access for handyman, staging companies, contractors, clean-up crew (maids). If someone needs access to your property and you have approved the entrance we will coordinate with them to get them inside at their time and convenience.
  • Fixing or remodeling the home? Don’t worry we can manage the project for you here.  We make sure the work gets complete, on time, and done properly. We can do as much (Project Manager) or as little (Check up on the work from time to time) as you need.
  • This is all Freeif you list with us.

If you are an out of town property owner looking to put their property on the market we can help.  It’s Easy, Simple, and all you need is

  • A phone or email.
  • Scan and or Fax Machine (We can also over night the documents if need at our expense).

How is the process done?  Easy, as long as there is a way for us to have access to the property all documents for listing and selling the home can be completed via email or scan.   We will also send you showing reports and market updates throughout the process.  Juan Pesqueira is ALWAYS available by phone (Text and Call) or email to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

If you are considering placing your luxury property on the market for sale please don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a shout.

Other Services (Some Free Others for a Fee)

  1. An estimate of your property’s value, based on comparable properties, market knowledge, and appraisal background. FREE
  2. My own fair rent guide that examines how much similar properties are renting for. FREE
  3. Introductions to the best lenders in town, should you be considering a refinance. FREE
  4. Lists of other investment or luxury properties to purchase in the area. FREE
  5. A complete marketing plan, if you’re selling. (Hint…The buying season for luxury homes is from around January 20th to the end of June). FREE
  6. Property Estate Management & Rental services, if you are considering leasing. 
  7. As an out of town seller/rental client we handle everything and anything to do with the property: With your authorization we will provide access tohandymen, electricians, plumbers, and manage any and all property projects, etc. FREE

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