3. Most Expensive Homes in Arizona “Mega Homes” (money aint no thing but a chicken wing)

Lavish pAdZ
Lavish pAdZ

What are the most expensive homes in Arizona?  We here at Lavish pAdZ are pretty much obsessed with Luxury Homes and mansions of Arizona’s who’s who and wealthy/rich people.  The only time to know who lives or owns these mega homes is if you personally know them, word of mouth (within an inner circle), or when they pop up for sale.  Take look at most expensive homes in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix Arizona for sale today. Then tell us in the comments which one is your favorite and what your dream house would look like!

If you are lucky enough to afford a mega home in Arizona and would like to begin your search let us know by phone 480.458.8007 or email LavishPadBoutique@gmail.com

Click the Link below to view:

– Most Expensive Homes in Arizona “Mega Homes” –

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