Downsizing up: Swap a house for a PENThouse. Lifestyle!

Less is more!

It’s not a money choice, it’s a lifestyle choice.

Today (older) buyers are downsizing. They are opting out of their 10,000+sf mansion with 4+ car garage, luxury home theaters, bowling alley, helipad, sprawling grounds, resort backyards, and gun ranges. And downsizing into their next trophy property: top floor penthouse or luxury condo high-rise.

Why downsize? The maintenance and upkeep of these huge homes, estates, and mansions is a job all its own. If you don’t maintain these homes, they deteriorate. The cost is a waste of money, not to mention the kids have moved out, the property is deteriorating, and it’s time for mom and pop to play and live.

Have you seen the amenities that come with a high-rise penthouse building? 24 hour security, concierge, gyms, spas, roof top pools and BBQ areas, access to resort hotels and pools, on call massage therapist, valet, dry cleaning, commercial offices for meetings, high-tech parking garages, and so much more. It’s an easy choice says realtor Juan Pesqueira. You might also save money, a lot of money by making the swap. So much so your options could include purchasing multiple properties to accommodate guest, for rental income, or buy in other cities and travel. Now let’s talk about outside: Walk to shopping, fine dining, coffee shops, restaurants, you don’t even need a car. If your destination is a little longer no worries an electric scooter will take you there.  

Penthouses are the latest trend in the urban Scottsdale-Phoenix-Tempe-Paradise Valley market and have become a desired contemporary housing option for home seekers. A penthouse (according to condoagent007) is traditionally known as the top-floor unit of a luxury residential building but that definition is changing. Now, “penthouse” is usually more of a marketing term that refers to a unit with a different layout from others in the building, ample outdoor space, great views, or largest size — but it’s not necessarily on the top floor. A penthouse is a lock and leave lifestyle. You can travel and not worry about the property. Hey honey can you fix the light, no worries babe. I’ll call the concierge.

Phoenix metro market is becoming more vertical. It’s a major change in the landscape of Phoenix, Arizona. We have an abundance of new high-rise penthouse developments to choose from. There is never a better time to downsize or relocate into a penthouse or luxury condo in the valley of the sun than now.

Search all Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix luxury high-rise or penthouses for sale…

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Land is the new Dream! A guide to selling. Pricing. Listing Land and lots in Arizona

In order to fully understand real estate, one must know that the value of any property is in the land. Land holds (and increases) value. The structure or buildings depreciates. There are some iconic structures or buildings such as the playboy mansion, the spelling estate, the Wrigley mansion, frank lloyd wright home, and so on but 99.9% of all real estate value is in the land say Realtor Juan Pesqueira.

Selling your land or custom home lot in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, or anywhere in the state of Arizona is a big deal, so it’s okay to be cautious about it. Just remember, if selling is the right investment for you, your family, or business it’s worth it!

Understand that Selling dirt is way more complex than selling a home in Arizona. The market dynamics for lots, land, and rural property is different from the housing market as well. If you’re ready to make a move, you want to do it the smart way.

1234This article (by Realtor Juan Pesqueira), a how to guide will help you learn how to sell your land, custom home lot, or rural parcel for the most money, the expectations, and steps to do it right.

1st as seller you need to tailor your strategy, tools and focus for selling land. This could be a long process or short depending on many factors.


Before you even decide to put your land, custom home lot, or rural parcel for sale in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, or anywhere in the State of Arizona you must know what to expect.

  • Land (on average) takes much longer to sell than a home. Don’t be shocked if a Realtor request you sign a yearlong listing contract.
  • Days on market for land, lot, or rural parcel does not mean much, it’s not unusual to see lots or land sit on the market for 365 to over 1000 days before it sells.
  • Always best to get your property up for sale so you do not miss out on a potential buyer who comes a long not so often.
  • Most land or lot transactions are cash or seller carryback.
  • Check your emotions at the door, buyers don’t care!
  • Don’t be surprised, upset, angry, or insulted when/if a low ball offer comes in. Always counter all low offers, even the low ball ones.
  • On the other hand, if a piece of dirt is priced well or you timed the market right it will/can sell quick but for the most part it’s a longer process.
  1. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

For marketing purposes, you must evaluate who your likely buyers will be among and what questions they will have. Your buyer profile can depend on what type of property you are selling, whether the land has been developed already, its location and market conditions, among other criteria.  Is your likely buyer an individual looking for a lot for a new home? Or is your buyer going to be a builder or developer looking for land for their next project?  Or is your buyer some combination of those, or someone different altogether? There may be different buyers for finished lots, rural acreage or a parcel of suburban land in a thriving new home market.

After identifying your likely buyers, try to think like them so you can focus your message to convey what they need to know about your property. Have information ready about schools, shopping and other nearby amenities. For developable land you can be prepared with zoning information and insight from local authorities about the location and capacity of water and sewer service. Each property is different, so customize your information for your situation and your targeted buyers.

If you don’t know these details, then do some research. A quick call to the city or zoning department with questions will help. When you are prepared and knowledgeable about your lot or land you can make the process easier for potential buyers and inspire faith with solid answers to their questions.

  1. Have the land or lot ready


You will never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impressions. If possible, cut the grass (or weeds), remove trash and take professional marketing photos of your property when it is looking its best. The best photos come from above, get Ariel photography that captures not only the site but also the surroundings.

  1. Set a price tag best-price

There is nothing too sexy about land, it’s a piece of dirt, emotions do not exist. Pricing can determine your success in attracting potential buyers and pricing your lot, land, or rural parcel too high is one of the biggest mistakes that sellers make…and regret. The wrong price will both scare away buyers from even inquiring about your property and will cause your property to sit longer on the market or not even get sold. Pricing land is tricky for many reasons such as: Is the lot flat? Does it sit on a slope? Does it have views? how much home can you develop? Does it have a wash or two? Is it located in a gated community? And so on. Land also has fewer comps to compare.

When comparing comps (My appraiser hat is on) focus on sales, not so much active.  Walk the subject lot, land, or rural parcel – along with the comps. Drive by all comps and try to investigate the sale (reason buyer purchased). In Paradise Valley and in some areas of Scottsdale an older home with substantial work needed is best sold and marketed as land vs residential. The piece of land in Paradise Valley or Scottsdale is more valuable to a builder, developer, or dream home designer than a fix n flip or end user buyer. It does not hurt to look at pricing your property as land vs single family even if a home sits on site. 

Sometimes a seller must choose between getting the highest price or possibly selling quicker. Ultimately requires an understanding of the land market as a whole, why people are buying lots or land in that area and who these people are. A good real estate agent (Realtor) with land expertise can help greatly in this process.

  1. If you can offer seller financing

The bank or lender market for lots and land is difficult and tricky. Many buyers cannot obtain favorable financing or terms. You might need to put down more than you expect or only qualify for unfavorable terms such as high interest rate, balloon payment, large sum down, etc. With seller financing, you the seller become the bank. If the buyer does not pay an option would be to foreclose. You end up taking back the property and keeping his down payment. Always speak to a real estate attorney about this and do your due diligence before pursuing.

  1. Tell a story… with Signage.

Effective property signs can provide a lot of information about the lot or land. Have a custom rider with property stats like acreage, zoned R-43 or commercial, ready to build, or get creative and post a website where a buyer can find all the info.

  1. HollaHoller at your neighbors

Your neighbors are potential buyers so ask them if they would be interested. Maybe your neighbor does not want to lose some of their views and your custom home lot will do just that once a builder buys it. Maybe your neighbor wants to expand their parcel or own more. They know the area well. This is a great start for any seller and Realtor.

  1. Hire a Realtor

A land realtor is more of an advisor or consultant. A Realtor like myself (Juan Pesqueira) will guide you through all the steps above and below. They/I will help you understand the market, set a price, and market your land to the right buyers. A Realtor will handle all the legal paperwork, escrow, negotiations, and expectation. A Realtor will handle everything from pre-listing, to listing, to escrow, to paperwork, and so much more. 5 – 10% is worth every penny, this is a complex transaction, it will take time, and experience.

  1. Marketing

The land, lot, rural market is small with a lot of inventory. There is only a handful of online and offline (old school approaches) areas to market the property. Once you gather all your property facts (zoning, setbacks, buildable size, etc.) take professional Arial photos, posted a sign (Tells a story), created a brochure, and have signed the listing agreement. It’s time to package it all into a website for distribution.

Online marketing: As a Realtor I’ll give you my take on marketing. I would post on ARMLS,,, blog, business website, post online daily. For large residential or commercial parcels, one should consider websites like LoopNet or CoStar. Other websites like,,, and are the top sites for land, lots, rural, and farm for sale. Online marketing is so powerful and if done correctly will result in a sale.

Offline or as I call it Old School Marketing: This depends so let’s say you have a land zoned for a custom home then speaking to other agents/brokers who work those areas. Speaking to builders, speaking to brokers at the broker tours, and speaking to neighbors works. If you have a commercial lot then networking at the commercial agent/broker meetings works, talking to other business owners also works. Old school marketing is all about networking with agents, brokers, buyers. Shake hands, kiss babies (ok maybe not), and drink beer.

Marketing will find your buyer, or your buyer will find the marketing.

  1. Have Fun, work with (not against) your agent, and enjoy

Buy- it | Land for sale

– Scottsdale || Paradise valley

Your next step should you decide to sell your land.  We invite you to do one of two things:

  1. Free Property Price and consultation. Have a confidential meeting with me to find out the price of your land or lot in today’s market.  There is no charge for this service, and you are not obligated in any way to use our services.
  2. You can reach Juan Pesqueira – Attorneys Realty at 480.458.8007 (This cell does not have a voice message so if I dont pick up leave a detailed message), call my office 480.767.6900, of shoot me an email: or


Notable Luxury Home & Penthouse Sales + Stats of 2019: First Quarter | Arizona

Highlights from the top four reported home and top 4 reported penthouse sales of Q1, 2019 in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Arizona.

A trophy Paradise Valley estate, a Romantic Urban Paradise Valley Villa, and ace Diamondbacks pitcher Randy Johnson finally sells his pad for $18M off the original asking price were among the noteworthy sales in the first quarter of 2019 in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley luxury real estate market 1st quarter of 2019.


5838 E STARLIGHT WAY, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253US$14.3 – 15.7 Million
Notable Luxury Home & Penthouse Sales Scottsdale Paradise Valley

This Privately gated estate in the heart of Paradise Valley was up for auction. It features breathtaking views of Camelback Mountain, the McDowell Mountains, and Four Peaks Range. Experience exquisite finishes and rare amenities from exclusive interior designer David Scott and Frank Lloyd Wright trained exterior architect Vernon Swaback; Other unique highlights of the main home include an executive home office, trainer’s gym, basketball court with electronic score board, twelve seat grand theater and wine cellar. Over 30,000 sf, 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, 12+ car garage, and is one of the most expensive homes every sold in Paradise Valley.

Past blogs about this property… 2 of the most expensive homes in Arizona set for auction… No Open House for You!

8100 N 68th ST, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253US$12 Million

This Romantic Urban Villa in the heart of Paradise Valley. This palatial Mediterranean estate is a master class in what can be achieved with the world’s finest materials, a renowned team of artisans, and an unlimited budget. Designed by Juan Sandoval following the format of 17th Century Colonial architecture, but with every modern convenience. This magnificent home is unparalleled in its construction quality and architectural precision. Every 2 acre part of this estate was designed and built in over a ten year period. Two spectacular central courtyards. One for gardens and fountains, the other for a stunning 60X60 foot pool. The design of the home guarantees beauty from every room, and a level of security unmatched by even the most advanced technology. 18,000 sf, 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 8+ car garage, and one of the most beautiful homes designed… 

8055 N MUMMY MOUNTAIN RD, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253US$7.3 Million

Notable Luxury Home & Penthouse Sales Scottsdale Paradise Valley 1

Arizona Diamondbacks legend pitcher Randy Johnson finally sold his 5-acre Mediterranean estate. Once priced as high as $25,000,000 and put  up for auction after no buyer would take it. Over 1600 days and finally sold for $18 million off the original $25 million asking price. For more info about this property visit our past blogs or google Randy Johnson Paradise Valley house for photos, video, and information.

Past blogs about this property… 2 of the most expensive homes in Arizona set for auctionBig unit Randy Johnson asking a big price tag for his mega 25,000 sf home in Paradise Valley

10525 E RIMROCK DR, Scottsdale, AZ 85255US$6.45 Million

Notable Luxury Home & Penthouse Sales Scottsdale Paradise Valley 2

One of the most “asked about” homes in Horseshoe Canyon of Silverleaf. This exceptional estate is a one of a kind opportunity. Schultz Development created this 9,335 SF Ranch Hacienda masterpiece with 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and unsurpassed quality. Located on the 17th hole of the Silverleaf course, the 2.37 acres pick up 5 golf holes as well as spectacular and dramatic mountain and city light views. The guest casita has 3 bedrooms, living area and kitchen – perfect for guests/extended family. The main house’s open plan flows seamlessly from space to space, both indoors and out. Also included: game room with view deck, exercise room, home theater, oversized gourmet kitchen, and a resort style back yard with oversized pool, lawn area and covered patios. You could only view this estate with appointment and proof of funds.


15215 N KIERLAND BLVD 937, Scottsdale, AZ 85254US$3.33 Million

Plaza lofts

Notable Luxury Home & Penthouse Sales Scottsdale Paradise Valley 3

South Facing Kierland Commons Penthouse with SWEEPING UNOBSTRUCTED VIEWS. This Penthouse is a true stand-out, boasting the best of both worlds: luxury and convenience. Boosting 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 3567 sf, and 2 car parking spaces. This is LIFESTYLE LIVING at its best with Kierland Commons, Scottsdale Quarter and the neighboring Kierland Resort & Spa and 27 hole Kierland Golf Course across the street. Simplify your lifestyle and enjoy all the amenities a luxury home can offer without the maintenance….have the freedom to lock and leave…

5551 E ARROYO VERDE DR 209, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253US$2.81 Million


Notable Luxury Home & Penthouse Sales Scottsdale Paradise Valley 4

Luxury New Villa at Mountain Shadows Resort Paradise Valley location. Enjoy resort living w/ full amenities at adjacent resort combined with distinct architectural designs. Enjoy views from 800+ sq. ft. outdoor deck. This Villa has 20 ft. high entry foyer with private elevator/stairs to living level. Luxurious designer features include, Wolf combo dual fuel range oven and microwave, Sub Zero refrigerator, Asko dishwasher, Zephyr hood,10 ft. high ceilings, 9 ft. bi-fold doors to deck,9 ft. bi-fold from master suite to deck, indoor/outdoor fireplaces, 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom, 2 car private driveway, 2 car private attached garage, 24 hr. guarded entry, & more!

18720 N 101St ST 3023, Scottsdale, AZ 85255US$2.5 Million

Icon Silverleaf

Notable Luxury Home & Penthouse Sales Scottsdale Paradise Valley 5

Still UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Introducing ICON Silverleaf, a new collection of 72 luxury single-story condominiums within Silverleaf at DC Ranch in Scottsdale, AZ. ICON represents the only residential offering of its kind at Silverleaf’s exclusive community. ICON showcases single-story, luxury residences served by semi-private elevators. ICON’s spacious flats include expansive views and allow more freedom to live how you want to. The luxury condominiums will offer, 3,170 Square Feet of Living Space 3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths, private decks, access to Silverleaf’s resort amenities. Model Homes are anticipated to be complete in Winter 2018.

7181 E Camelback RD SE 704, Scottsdale, AZ 85251US$2.32 Million

Scottsdale Waterfront

Notable Luxury Home & Penthouse Sales Scottsdale Paradise Valley 6

This is the only Scottsdale Waterfront unit with 1,400 sf outdoor living balcony/terrace landscaped with palms, Meyers lemon tree, and lime tree. A spectacular completely remodeled smart house unit with 2300 sf livable and 3 parking spots. This is the best location in Scottsdale…

By the number 1st quarter 2019 Luxury Report by Juan Pesqueira Realtor

  • $1 million+ = 407 sales | 21 were Penthouses, condos, and townhomes
  • $14.3 – $15.7 million was the top sales price and it was in Paradise Valley
  • 176 Average days on market | 0 – 1617 days on market
  • Luxury Home Statistics 1st quarter 2019

Find your lavish Pad!

Juan Pesqueira Realtor

House Hunting in … Scottsdale… Phoenix… Paradise Valley

From a brand-new Icon Silverleaf Condo and a historic North central Phoenix estate to a golf course community in North Scottsdale such as Silverleaf, Troon, or Desert Mountain – let’s not forget Paradise Valley. There’s a plethora of choices in high-end homes or penthouses to choose from. Consider these 9 tips from luxury home pro Juan Pesqueira before house hunting and buying your dream home.

Auction planned for Carefree contemporary southwest architecture house with Award-Winning Landscape 10

9 Tip you need to know in 2019 before buying a luxury home in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, or in the state of Arizona.

1. Work with a local expert.

“It’s critical to have a good buyer agent who is familiar with the area and inventory you want to buy in. There’s a bit more control on access to high-end properties in terms of fewer open houses and more appointments have to be made to see them.” Juan Pesqueira, Attorneys Realty. 

In the top luxury markets like LA, NY, or Miami luxury homes can be difficult to locate because of their exclusivity. Often, they don’t appear on multiple listing services (MLS) because owners want to safeguard their privacy. Here in Arizona that is not the case. Although we do see off market sales from time to time, most of the inventory ends up on the MLS or word of mouth. Word gets around when a buyer is looking for something unique say Juan Pesqueira. 

A Realtor becomes an adviser. Its always best to SET a buyer consultation APPOINTMENT NOW or soon, so you can feel good and know that the wheels are now in motion. Even if you are still 6 months to a 1 year out. 


Your dream home can quickly morph into a nightmare if you don’t carefully investigate its surroundings. It may be situated in an exclusive neighborhood that bumps up against a questionable area six blocks away (Arcadia vs Arcadia light – if you can afford buy in Arcadia (not light) ). Ask your agent what will happen to the area in the future. For example, is there a projected high rise or housing development that will obstruct your gorgeous views (old town Scottsdale has had issues with this)? Even if you’re eyeing a gated community, check out possible issues with the location.

Quick Luxury Home market update –

  • Scottsdale Luxury home prices starts around $1 million.
  • Phoenix Luxury home prices starts around $800K.
  • Paradise Valley Luxury home prices starts around $1.8 million.
  • Get familiar with names within the city of Phoenix such as Arcadia or The Biltmore.
  • For Scottsdale, Silverleaf carries its own weight due to the sky high prices (20-30 million+).

Therefore, a local expert like myself is key. They will educate you on different locations, lifestyles, values, and availability.

3. VIEW, VIEW, VIEW | Lifestyle, Lifestyle, Lifestyle

Arizona has some of the most beautiful landscape in the world. Ask yourself do you prefer city, mountain, desert, boulder or all? Do you prefer urban, desert, or rural areas? Do you want to back to a boulder, do you want sunset, sunrise, or both? Do you prefer urban or rural areas? Are you looking for a lock and leave condo or penthouse with luxury building amenities, 24-7 concierge/security, maybe a guard gated community, or large piece of land with your home? These are all questions and options that will come up, don’t worry you will figure it out.  

4. BUYING BASICS – Searching for luxury homes without getting pre-approved by a lender, if NOT PAYING CASH:

Do not mistake pre-approval by a lender with pre-qualification.  Pre-qualification, the first step toward being pre-approved, will point you in the right direction, giving you an idea of the price range of houses you can comfortably afford.  Pre-approval, however, means you become a cash buyer, making negotiations with the seller much easier. Some listing agents will not allow a showing without proof of funds or approval letter. Don’t take it personal, get approved, or be prepared to provide some type of proof. The only exception is if you are a well-known billionaire, millionaire, or celebrity (ex. Warren Buffet, Larry Fitzgerald, Kyle Jenner or any Kardashian, Bradley Cooper, etc.). The high-end market examines buyers under a microscope, so financial documentation is imperative to prove that you can afford a multi-million dollar home. This shows the seller whether you’ll need to obtain a loan or pay in cash. Cash is the favored luxery home payment.

5. Dress conferrable when viewing property during the Arizona SUMMER!

Its no secret that Arizona (Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley) is hot in the summers (top out at 110+) and just perfect in the winters. If you are looking at property during the summer months, wear shorts, a cool shirt, and sandals because it will be hot. You will sweat, so bring water. For those who have never been here during the summer, it’s a dry heat. Feel free to do a test run and walk into your local gym’s sauna with clothes on. But don’t worry, everywhere you go is air conditioned. The mornings are best during summers, but evenings will have you catching the most amazing sunsets. During winters us locals like to dress like its below zero, don’t panic if you see me in a full bear skin coat during the summer – Just Kidding…


Pictures, brochures and video walk-throughs don’t duplicate the feeling of actually being in the home. Even if you have to travel across the country or visit from overseas, a personal viewing is imperative – after all, this is a huge purchase you’re making! Gauge the house’s appeal by visiting it several times at different times of day. My advice is scheduling a sunset showing!

7. Hire smart, reliable advisers.

“A Realtor won’t make the client’s decisions but will make suggestions. Pay attention to your financial planner, accountant, attorney, and Realtor that you trust. They should agree on what you should be doing and if they don’t, arrange a meeting.” ENSURE THAT THE HOME HAS EXCELLENT RESALE VALUE You must always consider a home’s resale value? Yes. Be certain that you can comfortably recoup what you spent on the house if you need to sell it. Again, a fantastic location with views to die for factors into this scenario. The home’s condition is also crucial to its salability. When you buy your first luxury home, you enter an elite realm of taste, refinement and dreams-come-true. However, you can’t just make an emotion-fueled plunge into this purchase. Preparation and restraint will help you discover a luxury house that truly is a home.

8. There’s always room to NEGOTIATE.

NOBODY EVERY TAKES THE 1ST OFFER! Whoever has the least to lose wins in negotiations. Some negotiations take longer than others. It’s not always about price, sometimes terms are more important. Have your agent research the comparable properties that have recently sold, getting closing prices, right before you make an offer. Have your agent feel out the other side. Ask questions why are they moving, if the property is vacant you know they are carrying costs, maybe they relocated. 


Its not that difficult to buyer a property in Arizona. It will get emotional at times, the heat will not help, but you will be ok. If you find a home you love, buy it!

Multiple Listing Service for ARMLS:

Scottsdale Official Tourism:

Phoenix Official Tourism:

Paradise Valley Official Tourism:

Lifestyles and Listings: 

Contact me, I would love to show you the current Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix luxury homes. Finding your new dream home is my job, so let’s take time to discuss what you are looking for in a home

Juan Pesqueira


Paul Christian Yeager original Mid-Century Modern on TOP OF CAMELBACK MOUNTAIN for sale

Its not every day an original Paul Christian Yeager, a student of architect Frank Lloyd Wright design home is for sale.

Andrew Pielage Photography

Known for his natural quarried stone walls and large cantilevered horizontal roof planes designs while incorporating the natural boulders, rocks, and mountains. The home was built in 1970 and was remodeled in 2016-2018. Boosting 5045 sf, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 car garages, and Large flat grass lawns throughout the 1.9 acre lot…

Andrew Pielage Photography

Location: 6010 E CHOLLA LN, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253


  • 6000 sq ft natural limestone decking
  • 45 ‘ zero clearance heated pool and spa seating for 22,
  • 25′ BBQ area + triangular firepit matching the architecture of the home
  • New chef’s kitchen with quartz counters and polished epoxy concrete flooring
  • Guest house has a living room, loft, bedroom, and bathroom
  • New airconditioners, heaters, many of the windows have been replaced, new plumbing and electrical in many areas.

The property is listed with Joan A Levinson of Realty ONE Group.

This home is perfect for all you architecture aficionados like me. The livable art can be yours for $2,975,000.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Photos believed to be taken by Andrew Pielage Photography. His website shows his masterpieces. 

Are you an architecture aficionado? Looking for a unique architecture home in Arizona? let us know and well find it for you…

Two of the most expensive listed homes in Arizona set for auction.

This is one way to unload a few homes quite quickly. At one time Baseball Hall of Famer “the big unit” Randy Johnson’s once priced $25 million dollar pad and Villa Paradiso a privately gated estate in the heart of Paradise Valley once priced $27.5 million were the most expensive listings in Arizona and are up for auction. Randy Johnson’s luxury pad has been on the market for over 1500 days while the other has been up for sale less than a year. Both these sellers have decided to change things up and try their luck at auction.

Mansions for sale

Auction #1. 8055 N Mummy Mountain Rd, Paradise Valley, AZ (Randy Johnson pad)

7 beds . 12 baths . 25,416 sf . 11+ car garages . 5 acres


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Public Remarks: Lush palm trees, flowering plants and a stone archway lead to the intricate wooden door and paradise beyond. Designed by Erik Peterson, this 5-acre Mediterranean estate features timeless details such as wrought iron accents, wooden shutters, and handcrafted cabinetry, while offering the very best in home entertainment. Revel in the exquisite craftsmanship, fine finishes and custom features inside, including your own home theater and recording studio. Host a grand gala under the stars around your resort-style pool area, cabana and fire pit. After a friendly tennis match, retreat to your spa-like master sanctuary for a rejuvenating bath, then watch the desert sky from your private terrace. Perfectly situated at the base of Mummy Mountain; here, sweeping views surround you.

Auction: Bid 1/29–31 | Previously $14.5M, Selling Without Reserve | Showings By Appointment Only | Call Concierge Auctions at 646.760.8109 or visit for details.

For more details:

Listing agents: Robert E Joffe & Jonathan Friedland | Launch Real Estate

Auction #2 5838 E Starlight Way, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

8 beds . 11 baths . 30,859 sf . 6.3 acres. 12+ car garages 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Remarks: Privately gated estate in the heart of Paradise Valley with breathtaking views of Camelback Mountain, the McDowell Mountains, and Four Peaks Range surround this amazing property. Experience exquisite finishes and rare amenities from exclusive interior designer David Scott and Frank Lloyd Wright trained exterior architect Vernon Swaback; such as the tranquil Water Room’s rounded glass walls and surrounding exterior water features. Other unique highlights of the main home include an executive home office, trainer’s gym, basketball court with electronic score board, twelve seat grand theater and wine cellar.

Auction: Home is scheduled to be auctioned on January 31st, 2019 at the Phoenician Resort. This is a Limited Service Listing, and no licensed representative is available to present/negotiate any pre-auction offers, but please contact Sandra Wilken at (480) 390-6050 for instructions should you have a client who wishes to present an offer prior to auction, or bid during the auction.

For more details:

Listing agent: Sandra Lawton Wilken | Engel & Volkers

Mansions for sale


The 3 Most Expensive Homes & Mansions Sold in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley In 2018 are…

Scottsdale-Phoenix-Paradise Valley, AZ — With 2018 coming to a close, here is a look at the 5 most expensive homes that sold in the 3 most expensive cities in Arizona.

Without further ado, take a peek at the most expensive houses sold, according to ARMLS (No pocket or off market listings were included).

Scottsdale, AZ

 20450 N 108Th Pl | Silverleaf – $17,500,000

The 3 Most Expensive Homes Sold in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley In 2018 are

20,000 sf. 6 bedrooms/14 bathrooms. 4 acres. 8+ car garage

The scoop: Spectacular mountain and city light views come with this luxurious estate situated on 4 private acres on the 6th hole of the Tom Weiscopf designed Silverleaf golf course and adjacent to the McDowell Mountain preserve’s hiking trails. All the main living areas including the Master suite are located on the first level. The home boasts 5 indoor and outdoor kitchens, 2 elevators, a virtual reality/golf simulator room, gymnasium w/ basketball court, volleyball court and rock-climbing wall, home theater, fitness center w/steam room, detached guest house w/ private drive, 8 garages, high-tech game room, estate pool, multiple spas, state of the art security & home automation. Shown by appointment only. Buyer to pay the DC Ranch Community Transfer Fee of 0.5% of the sale price.

 10851 E Wingspan Way | Silverleaf – $10,300,000

The 3 Most Expensive Homes Sold in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley In 2018 are 1

12,500 sf. 7 bedrooms/10 bathrooms. 2 acres. 5+ car garage

The scoop: Nestled in the upper canyon of Silverleaf, this one of a kind custom home was designed and built for the lifestyle you deserve! From the moment you pull up to the privately gated motor court you will be totally impressed! The interior is spacious, comfortable, casual, yet elegant. The floor plan was designed for entertaining. The main house features a main level master suite plus 4 additional en-suite bedrooms, private office, exercise room, and home theatre. The automated pocket doors bring in the outdoor living space. Enjoy the lazy river, pool cabana, and swim up bar while watching amazing sunsets, city lights, and views directly down the runway of the Scottsdale Airpark. Built by John Schultz Development and custom crafted by Kristin Hazen Design. What memories will you make?

10995 E Wingspan Way | Silverleaf – $7,300,000

The 3 Most Expensive Homes Sold in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley In 2018 are 3

11,000 sf. 5 bedrooms/9.5 bathrooms. 2.4+ acres. 7+ car garage.

The scoop: (RECENTLY REDUCED OVER $1M) – Nestled in the Upper Canyon of Silverleaf you will find this one of a kind compound. Master suite includes a private outdoor spa, separate his & her bathrooms/closets, and see-through fireplace. This primary residence (10,139 square feet) and separate guest house with full kitchen (724 square feet) were designed to entertain and are equipped with 14 fireplaces, 2 fire pits, 7 high ceiling garages (capable of holding 11 cars comfortably with lifts), 2 separate BBQ stations, 2 fire pits, 2 private courtyards and more!

Phoenix, AZ

4821 E Exeter Blvd | Arcadia – $4,100,000

The 3 Most Expensive Homes Sold in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley In 2018 are 4

5,400 sf. 4 bedrooms/5 bathrooms. 28,346 sf lot. 3 car garages

The Scoop: Location Location Location: Surrounded by the most prestigious homes in all of Arcadia, this gated, Belgian Farmhouse designed by Candelaria and built by Nance Construction sits on one of the best lots in all of Arcadia. Large Private Exeter lot features lush, mature landscape designed by Berghoff. Handcrafted elements include hand applied plaster walls, reclaimed Cream Brick walls and fireplaces, Waterworks Plumbing Fixtures/Tile, 4 bed and bath with 2 powder baths, Private Office with fireplace and built in shelves/desk, Dining Room with special white oak built in china cabinet, Large Master Suite with fireplace and large custom closet with island, Butler’s Pantry with reclaimed brick/glass wine unit, ice maker and polished nickel sink, Kitchen is completely equipped with white oak kitchen island, Viking/Wolf/Sub Zero appliances, walk-in pantry, mudroom and laundry with 4 Electrolux machines, 3 car garage. Lot is gated yet has beautiful front patio/fireplace to entertain your neighbors and friends and a private rear yard that must be seen. Barbecue patio/eating space/fountain/veggie gardens off kitchen, large fire pit and limestone patio and a brand-new pool/spa with Ramada and fireplace. 
Lutron Lighting system/speakers/AV ready/wired for security cameras.

 5105 E Exeter Blvd | Arcadia – $3,875,000

The 3 Most Expensive Homes Sold in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley In 2018 are 5

6385, sf. 5 bedrooms/4 bathrooms. 1.9 acres.

The Scoop: Historic Spanish Colonial Revival Estate located on one of the most exclusive tree-lined streets in the heart of Arcadia. Enter the private gates of this one-of-a-kind nearly 2-acre lush green property nestled at the base of Camelback Mountain. Once considered for the state Governor’s mansion, and later serving as Miss Kitty of Gunsmoke’s residence for 17 years, this iconic 1920’s home exudes character, charm, and elegance! The home is beautifully situated back from the street offering privacy and grandeur. Outside highlights include arched windows, iron balconies, Moreno tiled entryway that leads to a front door with delicately patterned stained glass. Remodeled numerous times, this light airy 6400 + sq ft open floor plan is a perfect haven for families and amazing for entertaining with multiple French doors leading to the back patio. This 5 Bedroom and 4 Bath home also has a large sunny pool room for convenient access to the pool and spa. The Showpiece Gourmet Kitchen has light-colored slab granite, commercial 6 burner gas range, double ovens, double dishwashers, three sinks, Subzero Refrigerator, and a large walk-in pantry. The Master Suite is located on the first floor with Luxurious Spa-like Master Bath and beautiful oversized shower. The first floor includes a casually elegant living room with 11 ft coved ceiling, majestic mountain views, and a fireplace modeled after the nearby Phoenician’s. The kitchen and oversized family room boast brick walls from the original 1920’s home. Also, on the main floor is a private two-stationed custom office, formal dining room with a domed ceiling, grand crystal chandelier, clear leaded glass transoms, domed ceiling foyer, and cozy library off the living room. In the former basement is a new walk-in 1500 bottle wine room, wine-tasting room, and a large work out room with herringbone patterned brick floors. Resort style grounds include numerous patios, oversized 42′ long pool, large 12-person Jacuzzi/spa, outdoor kitchen, and Hopi/Arcadia schools. Too many extras to list! Featured on the cover of Phoenix Home and Garden and selected for the prestigious Palette of Homes Tour. This piece of Arcadia magic can be your dream home!

5915 E Calle Del Sud | Arcadia – $3,750,000

The 3 Most Expensive Homes Sold in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley In 2018 are 6

7,875 sf. 5 bedrooms/7 bathrooms. 24,728 sf lot. 4+ car garage.

The Scoop: This brand-new custom showpiece, created by the ultra-talented team at Brimley Development is loaded with timeless, modern design. Caroline DeCesare, the visionary behind DeCesare Design Group, produced a classic, yet current vibe that shines throughout every beautiful room, from the outstanding chef’s kitchen to the breathtaking master retreat. Not a detail was overlooked from the hidden elevator to the restaurant style wet bar, and the finishes are absolutely exquisite. The butler’s pantry off the kitchen, the morning bar in the master, and the magnificent wine wall in the dining room are just some of the stylish features that make this home so special, and quality millwork, artistic lighting and multiple custom fireplaces create an amazing atmosphere. The grounds are exceptional offering a gorgeous pool with water features, spacious spa, exposed brick fireplace, and bocce ball court, and fully retractable doors open to beautiful patios that look out onto the breathtaking landscape. Impeccable finishes, design perfection and magnificent ambience just begin to tell the story of the unique custom estate!

Paradise Valley, AZ

6108 E Redwing Rd | $6,175,000

The 3 Most Expensive Homes Sold in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley In 2018 are 7

10,127 sf. 6 bedrooms/8 bathrooms. 1.7+ acres. 8+ car garages.

The Scoop: Nothing of its kind seen on the market, unparalleled quality and perfection all come together for an amazing estate home. Sitting on 1.73 acres with heavily landscaped grounds, which include a putting/chipping green, 2 outdoor fireplaces, a real fire pit and a fire table on top of the view deck which showcase the breathtaking views of camelback/praying monk and mummy. Interiors host a 480-bottle wine wall in dining room, butler’s pantry with coffee machine, grand kitchen with walk in custom pantry, a game/theater room with bifold doors to outdoor entertaining, 2 powder rooms, glass wall huge exercise room. A 2-bed guest house with full kitchen, private patio and own garage. A gated auto court leads you to the 8 garages, one is a rv oversized door air conditioned and includes indoor basketball with pickle ball. Lots of storage and built in garage cabinets. The master features a private patio with a 6-person jacuzzi hot tub. Captivating views seen all throughout the home of mummy and camelback. Nothing was overlooked in this home and it will be one never seen again. Outdoor pool/spa will hand down be the best seen with the ramada shading the swim up bar and pool lounge areas/spa. Built in sunshields, umbrella sleeves and misters will make summers a joy. Too much to list with this one of a kind estate home!!

5220 N Casa Blanca Dr | Camelback Lands – $6,100,000

Andrew Pielage Photography

9,490 sf. 6 bedrooms/7 bathrooms. 1.4 acres. 4+ car garage.

The Scoop: This 2017 privately gated 6 bedroom,7 bath,9,490sf Transitional 1.36-acre estate, with 2 guest suites, is located on one of the most prestigious streets in Paradise Valley. The heart of the home is an impressive dual island chef’s kitchen with Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances. It flows into the family room creating 70 ft of uninterrupted open living space. The family room’s full entertainment bar also services the adjoining 12 seat home theatre. Multiple motorized pocket doors open to a huge, green backyard pastureland with sport court, putting green, resort-size pool steps away from a ramada with fireplace, a BBQ area and covered entertainment patios. The home s ceilings possess beautiful attention to detail: the living room’s 17 ft dark wood beamed, the dining room’s coffered ceiling.

6121 E Orchid Ln | $6,000,000

The 3 Most Expensive Homes Sold in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley In 2018 are 9

9,830 sf. 5 bedrooms/7 bathrooms. 1.3 acres. 4+ car garage.

The Scoop:  THE TIME IS NOW! | CASUAL FRENCH EXCELLENCE | MRA Custom Homes presents: This breathtaking European-esque timeless masterpiece was built to last a lifetime with solid masonry construction coupled with only the finest and most exquisite finishes. Unobstructed Mummy Mountain Views from the backyard from nearly every South facing window and door. Lower operating costs thanks to the multi-layered roof system, a 9.2 K.W. solar photo-voltaic system, 2 solar water heaters, and the full use of a PRIVATE WELL for irrigation. Allows for grand entertaining but skillfully designed for year-round intimate enjoyment. Never occupied and IMPECCABLY maintained! PRICED FAR BELOW A 2017 APPRAISAL!

ARMLS data shows Scottsdale had 7 sales above $5 million and Paradise Valley had 11 sales above $5 million. The Phoenix market topped out just above $4 million. There were a few off the market sales ranging upwards of $10 million.

The Arizona luxury real estate market continues to see a surge in expensive home sales. We keep breaking records. Last year we broke a record above $15 million, this year at $17.5 million. Will 2019 continue to break records, is think we might say luxury agent Juan Pesqueira. We might finally hit the $20 million price…

P:S – these homes could change as we might see a new leader after the year seeing that we have 5 homes pending above $5 million…

Search luxury real estate in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley for sale @

7 Oops for NOT selling a Luxury Home | Scottsdale, Arizona 

07_golf2Selling your Luxury home in Scottsdale, (Paradise Valley and Phoenix) Arizona is a complicated and hot (no pun intended) process.  It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of details involved, but the experience can be very manageable—and educational! —when broken down into its component parts and plotted out into steps.  The following is a list of common pitfalls/mistakes encountered during the luxury home-selling process.  Use these as a guide to help your journey remain a smooth one. 

Did you know that only 60% of homes with $1,000,000+ price tag sells? The odds are not that great. Most luxury home sellers will go through a couple of agents before they finally sell their property. And most luxury home take 6 months to a year+ to get sold says luxury home realtor Juan Pesqueira

Mistake #1. Faulty Pricing:

It is essential you determine the asking price of your home based on its market value.  Too many times home-sellers let emotions or needs influence their asking price, drawing from numbers based on the price paid for the house originally, or the amount of money they’ve invested in the home.  This mistake may prove to be a costly one.  If your home is priced significantly higher than what the market is bearing at the time, prospective buyers interested in your style of home will reject it for larger homes listed at the same price.  And, those buyers who do see your house may have significantly higher expectations than what you have to offer.  Ironically, over-pricing your home actually increases the chances that your home will sell for less than it is worth.  Driving prospective buyers away will increase the amount of time your home stays on the market, which raises an additional red flag for buyers.  They become wary of the reasons your home has not sold, thinking, “If no one else has bought it, there must be something wrong with it.”  The bottom line:  price it correctly, and they will come.

Be vigilant, too, of pricing your home too low:  a lack of market value awareness could result in selling your home for much less than it’s worth.

Advice from Juan Pesqueira – Let me add a little more. Let’s keep in 100 here

  • 9 out of 10 times the reason a house or real estate does not sell is because its overpriced or you timed the market wrong.
  • There are some homes/properties so unique it will demand the highest asking price. This home has the potential to break a record or command the highest list/sales price. You might own the largest or most expensive home in the neighborhood or city and no comps exist. This is when its OK to over price the market, its ok to demand the highest list price, but understand that it could take months or years to sell so be patient. Records are meant to be broken…

Mistake #2. Neglecting to showcase your home:

Take the time to ensure you’re offering the best possible first impression of your home to buyers.  A few improvements done to your home before placing it on the market can increase the chances of selling quickly, and for more money.  When buyers spot an area of your home in need of repair, they consider this perceived cost when deciding upon an offer price—if they haven’t already been scared away.  And since buyers often aren’t sure about the cost involved for repairs, they will create a larger margin for error in their asking price.  Sellers are always better off dealing with these repairs themselves. In addition to taking care of fix-ups, make sure the house is clean and welcoming, and the yard is well-groomed.

Mistake #3. Choosing the wrong Realtor:

Many sellers choose the realtor who tells them the highest asking price or lists/sells the most listings.  This should never be the sole basis on which you choose a realtor—you must have confidence in the full spectrum of your realtor’s experience and abilities.  Keep the following questions in mind: can this agent explain to you all aspects of the selling process?  Does s/he have a good grasp of the market?  Does s/he have access to a large pool of buyers and a marketing plan to attract them?  An experienced realtor will usually cost the same as an inexperienced realtor and holding out for experience could mean more security that your ultimate home-selling goals will be attained. 

Advice from Juan Pesqueira – Let me add a little more. 

  • You are hiring the agent, not the brokerage. Will the brokerage answer you calls late at night, weekends, or during non-business hours? NO, the agent will. Don’t shy away from agents in small or boutique style real estate brokerages. Some of the top agents choose the smaller companies due to commission splits or loyalty to the broker. You do have some heavy hitters with large brokerages like Sotheby’s, the agency, Re/Max, etc. Brand awareness is important but focus on the individual agent you interview. 
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover, maybe the best agent is not the one driving the luxury car or carries the most listings. Some agents had to start at the bottom, not all of us are born into the business or had the money to market to the higher end buyers/sellers. Take it as a privilege or compliment to be their 1st luxury home client. You never know, they could be the next Walt Danley, Robert Joffe, Joan Levinson, etc.
  • Ask yourself this when this when you interview your next agent, “how the hell did this guy get to be interviewed by me to list my home, how is he sitting in front of me? If this agent is new (not a friend or family) or some outsider that might not sell many high-end real estates, then he must be doing something right just to be interviewed by you. He somehow got your attention, give him/her a shot. What’s the worst that can happen? The property sells…

Mistake #4 Trying to “Hard Sell” During Showing:

Buying a home can be an emotional and stressful decision, and potential home-buyers don’t want to feel pressured when viewing a home.  So, let your home speak for itself.  Allow potential home-buyers to comfortably view the house and property.  Don’t try haggling or pointing out every improvement you’ve made.  Good realtors let buyers discover the house for themselves, only pointing out features they’re sure will be of interest and being receptive to any questions the buyers might have.

Mistaking #5. “looky loos” for “Buyers”:

Some people who look at your home may not be serious about buying.  Many who view homes may just be getting a feel for the market, gathering ideas for “showcasing” their own home, or even just looking for decorating tips.  Of the people who are looking to buy, those who do not come through a realtor can be 6 to 12 months away from buying. They may still be in the process of selling their own home or saving money for a new one.

An experienced realtor is trained to separate the “Lookers” from the “Buyers.”  Realtors should usually establish a potential buyer’s savings, credit rating, and purchasing power.  If your realtor hasn’t looked into a buyer’s financial background, you should take the time to investigate.  This will save you valuable time in marketing toward the wrong people.

Mistake #6. Limiting the marketing and advertising of the property:

A good Realtor will ensure that your property is showcased and marketed in the best, most effective manner possible, employing a wide spectrum of marketing techniques.  He or she should be committed to selling your property, making the effort to distinguish your home from the hundreds of other homes on the market.  Most calls are received—and viewings scheduled—during business hours, so your realtor should be available to field these calls from prospective buyers.  Lack of realtor availability, limited viewing times, not allowing a “For Sale” sign on your front lawn, can all affect the exposure your home gets to the pool of potential buyers, and will ultimately affect your bottom line.

Mistake #7. Being unaware of your rights and responsibilities:

It is essential that you are thoroughly aware of the details involved in your real estate contract.  These contracts are often complex—but no matter how confusing and convoluted the language, the contract is legally binding.  As you soon as you sign your name, you are responsible for all of its contents.  Not knowing your responsibilities could cost you thousands in repairs and inspections.  Have an experienced realtor explain the contract to you, or get your lawyer to review it, before you accept.





8930 # Raintree Drive Scottsdale Az 85260

Attorneys Realty | C: 480.458.8007 | O: 480.767.6900



This is 1 of 4 Custom Mansions being built near Phoenician Resort in Paradise Valley.

Neighborhood: 5088 N CASA BLANCA DR, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253

1 of 4 Custom Mansions being built near Phoenician Resort in Paradise Valley


  • 9,925 TOTAL SF
  • 6,783 SF MAIN HOUSE
  • 1,092 SF GUEST HOUSE
  • 447 SF CASITA
  • 1,603 SF KIDS WING

To be completed JULY/AUGUST 2018. This brand new contemporary mansion at 5088 N CASA BLANCA DR, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 and will be situated on over 1.13 acre of flat PREMIUM LOT/LOCATION of land.

It will feature approximately 9,925 square, 6 bedrooms & 7 bathrooms.

Highlights include: Its own kids wing with 3 en suite baths and study area. Full guest house and attached casita. 12-person theater. Walk-in wood and glass wine cellar. Stunning mountain views and more.

Listing agents are Frank Aazami & Thomas Patrick Oleary with Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty

There will be three other custom homes for sale if this one does not fit your architecture type or features…

Asking price: $6,100,000

9 DO’s and Do NOT’S when Buying Investment Properties in Phoenix-Scottsdale-Tempe, Arizona

Are you looking to buy investment properties in the greater Phoenix – Scottsdale – Tempe – Paradise Valley market?


The valley of the Sun is smart place to invest your money whether you’ve been buying homes, condos, and apartments to rent in this area for a while, buying your retirement home and leasing till you move in, or you’re looking to add to your financial portfolio horizons in the desert of Arizona.


Before you commit to a place within the Valley of the Sun, however, there’s several things you should and should not do to make the best moves. Here are (Juan Pesqueira Realtor and Appraiser) 9 do’s and don’ts when buying investment properties in Phoenix to enjoy the benefits and avoid the pitfalls of joining the real estate game in Arizona.

The 5 Dos when Buying Investment Properties in the Phoenix metro, Scottsdale, Tempe, and throughout Maricopa County.

If you’re interested in using real estate to increase your personal capital, the available properties in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Paradise Valley area can be sound investments. The combination of lower interest rates and the potential for the resale values of said properties to grow over time sets the stage for return on investments that could work out in your favor.

Before you take a chance on reaping the benefits of successful investment properties in Arizona, nevertheless, you should learn as much as you can about real estate in this area. It’s easy to dish out million dollars for properties in and around Phoenix, so keep these do’s in mind when looking for the right investment property for you…


REALTORS® are known for helping people buy and sell real estate, but much of what a REALTOR® actually does to earn their commission happens behind the scenes. A good REALTOR® will make your real estate transaction flow smoothly through each step of the process, leaving the impression that their job is fairly simple…

An appraisal is a professional appraiser’s opinion of value. The preparation of an appraisal involves research into appropriate market areas; the assembly and analysis of information pertinent to a property; and the knowledge, experience, and professional judgment of the appraiser.


The first thing you should do when buying investment properties in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe is considering the tax benefits (including 1031 exchange). With the income you’ll make from the property in mind, think about interest, taxes and insurance, while also focusing on things like losses against your income and wear and tear that you can deduct later on. The tax advantages can also include benefits like selling one rental property and using the funds to pay for another one without paying steep taxes on your profit. 

If you’re pursuing tax breaks through investment property in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, finally, make sure you’re well versed in the advantages and disadvantages of both Arizona’s property and income taxes. This is an are you should consult with your accountant.


The second thing you should think about when investing in rental properties in the Valley of the Sun is taking property type into account. Once you’ve decided that you’re in the market for a rental property, 2nd home, vacation home, or retirement home. Do some homework on the sort of property that will help you reach your goals, while taking the city’s attractions and other amenities into consideration.

For example: Tempe (Home to Arizona State University #1 largest university in the country) is a college town, your #1 renter will be a college student with parents money for the most part. Condominiums and homes are great but consider the type of renter (college student). Full disclosure, I went to ASU, and boy we beat the shit out of the dorm room and our apartment unit. Consider damage when calculating cap rates.

Old town Scottsdale and Scottsdale in general is great for snowbird and young professionals renters. This area is also great for seasonal and Airbnb type rental.

Downtown Phoenix also gets college students because of ASU downtown campus but also business professionals, families, etc.

Maybe your looking for your future retirement property in North Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix early on in life. You can easily rent out for the time being to cover cost and buy down the mortgage. You’re ready to retire and move (if not payed cash) financially you’ll be better off.

Millennials are buying property and renting a part of your residence to save money. Vacation homes and condominiums is another way to generate extra income. If you’re focusing on the Phoenix area, think about attractions like Arizona State University, golf courses, Old Town Scottsdale, Downtown Phoenix, Fashion Square Mall, Sky Harbor airport, Sports team locations (Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns, Arizona Cardinals) and concert venues, and others that cater to the city’s tourists, families, and retirees.


Be aware of the changing economic landscape in the Phoenix metro area. In addition to learning about Arizona’s real estate scene, get ahead of the game by thinking about the industries establishing themselves in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe or in Maricopa County. Consider how your property could appeal to renters who work for these up-and-coming companies. Due to our inexpensive real estate and city tax benefits some major teck companies, finance companies, and insurance jobs, are relocating to Phoenix. According to our Governor of Arizona Doug Ducey “we are open for business” …

BBC News recently published an article about how financial firms—looking for a place to thrive—are saying, “Goodbye New York, Hello Arizona.” The story notes that, over the 12 months leading to March 2017, hiring for finance and insurance jobs in Arizona grew faster than any other state in the country:

All this can lead to lucrative investment properties if you play your cards right. A sound investment is offering housing close to the area’s for these thriving employers. This is an opportunity to take advantage of booming industries in the area and make business savvy decisions in Phoenix.


When the market crashed many investors left the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe real estate market. Some went bankrupt, others choose to leave. During this time buyers were scared to buy investment properties. Some investment properties were as low as $60K – $100K and the luxury market dipped as low as $600K-$999K. Today those smart investors that went with their gut are reaping the rewards. The $60K – $100K properties are now valued at $190K – $250K and the $600K-$999K are now valued at $1.2M – $2M+. to quote Warren Buffet as an investor it is wise to be “Fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” 

The 4 DO NOT when Buying Investment Properties throughout Phoenix, Arizona

If you know what to do when spending money on Phoenix real estate, avert setbacks by also knowing what not to do when searching and buying investment properties. The drawbacks associated with buying investment properties often stem from financial issues and tax problems.

It’s easy to think you’ve found a golden property and then wind up with difficulties. Therefore, it’s best to understand the risks before you dive head first into this competitive real estate landscape. Real estate rental properties are not ideal financial moves for everyone in Phoenix, so make sure these don’ts – don’t end up costing you in the long-term.


Because valley locals pay high rents, they will want a landlord who is available immediately when issues arise, while also expecting more from their landlord in day-to-day life (See landlord tenant act). The responsibility of managing an extra property requires you to commit time and expend energy to make sure small repairs are completed around the property and your tenants are taken care of regularly. When you’re ready and willing to become a landlord here, consider how it might affect your day to day life. A GOOD PROPERTY MANAGER can take away this stress.


The 2nd thing included in the do’s and dont’s when buying investment properties in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe area is not slacking when computing the numbers. There are easy-to-use tools like online mortgage calculators at your disposal, your REALTOR, or an APPRAISER. Be sure to take advantage of these resources to estimate your future housing costs with the information you have about your current finances and how they relate to your properties of interest.

Costs, down payments, and taxes are as essential as insurance and interest rates, so don’t skimp on the details when figuring out the amount you should expect to pay each month. Take the time to see if buying an investment property in Arizona makes sense for you this year. You can make an informed move or avoid a detrimental one now for smart investment practices that will work out in your favor later on.


When investing in rental properties in the Valley of the Sun, DO NOT forget to research local real estate trends. Even though you are working closely with a Realtor, an Appraiser, advisor of some sorts. And don’t forget to pay attention to property characteristics such as zoning & zoning laws, encroachments, building codes, HOAs, etc. while looking for rentals. The property characteristics will affect the property when its time to sell for a profit and reap your rewards. Also Having proper knowledge of local neighborhoods will help you in your search for a spot, especially when you consider schools, transportation, and recreation.

Given that tenants will be drawn to locations with ample shopping and dining opportunities, focus on up-and-coming communities, as well as ones that have been thriving in Phoenix for a while to refine your search and find hidden gems.

9.    GET EMOTIONAL and stick to the end game

The final thing you should make sure to remember when investing in rental properties in Phoenix is keep emotions out of the process and remember this is an investment! Unless your buying a retirement property, its best to stick to your numbers and game plan.

Are Looking to or considering buying an investment or retirement property in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, or throughout Maricopa County? Contact TOP Realtor. Appraiser. Consultant Juan Pesqueira with Attorneys Realty – lets chat real estate investing and retirement what you are looking for…


  • 8930 # Raintree Drive Scottsdale Az 85260
  • Attorneys Realty | C: 480.458.8007 | O: 480.767.6900
  • E:

Ginormous Unfinished $19M Paradise Valley mansion allows you to select your own finishes…

A 26,000-square-foot mansion isn’t what you’d expect to find inside the exclusive Judson neighborhood in Paradise Valley, but it’s exactly what you’ll see now. With the largest home around 12,000 sf, this Mega 26,393 sf Mansion brings a whole new orrah to the prestigious location and just bumped it to the top.

For those who don’t know, Judson used to be a K-12 boarding school in Paradise Valley, Arizona. It closed in 2000 after more than 70 years of operation (Wikipedia). And, it’s now one of the hottest guard gated luxury home subdivisions in Arizona.

Ginormous Unfinished $19M Paradise Valley mansion allows you to select your own finishes2


The mansion (6659 E Indian Bend RD, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253) just hit the market a few days ago (02/19/2018). Its 8 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms and has been under construction for the past 10 consecutive year. It features a 20-car collector’s garage, 2 separate guest houses, floating dining room, indoor pool, swim up bar, multipurpose shooting range, bank vault, salon, wine tasting room & cellar, home theater, indoor/outdoor living areas & so much more!


Its sits on 1.62-acre interior lot inside the safety & privacy of guard-gated Judson community. The mansion is not yet completed, with a $18,974,888 price tag, will allow you to select your own finishes. 

Launch Real Estate is the listing broker

Ginormous Unfinished $19M Paradise Valley mansion allows you to select your own finishesGinormous Unfinished $19M Paradise Valley mansion allows you to select your own finishes4Ginormous Unfinished $19M Paradise Valley mansion allows you to select your own finishes3

Paradise Valley mansions for sale | | Judson Paradise Valley homes for sale

Your Guide to the Finest Arizona Homes and Penthouses | AZLHBlog

The 10 most expensive condo sales in the Scottsdale area in 2017

In 2017, condominiums were king, with luxury condominium projects setting record prices and creating a whole new market trend in the Valley of the sun. Two Biltmore Estates was the game-changer—five of this year’s 10 highest Condo real estate sales happened there! But all hail the king because of course this year Penthouse 1303 in the SCOTTSDALE WATERFRONT RESIDENCES landed at the top respectively selling for $3.25 Million. (yes, a fraction of the $15.7 record breaking Paradise Valley home sale). Behold, This Top 10 list, which is based on Arizona Multiple Listing Service records and does not include private transactions.

The luxury real estate landscape in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, and now Paradise Valley have changed, and you can see it when diving into the hot spots in these cities. From new development to the traditional hot spots todays buyers are forgetting about the suburbs and white picket fence and looking to condominiums for security, convenience, and amenities.

What did the most expensive mid to high-rise condos of the year all have in common? City views, open floorplans, stunning finishes, and world-class amenities. Read on for a peek into each of these special properties. Here they are, starting with the most expensive condo sold in 2017: 

#1.  7175 E Camelback Rd #1303, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, $3,250,000 

The 10 most expensive condo sales in the Scottsdale area in 2017 1

This three-bedroom, three& half bathroom Penthouse sold for a whopping $3.25m cash. The residence has 3,940 square feet of living space, making it feel like a custom home in the sky, not a condominium. The 198-unit Scottsdale Waterfront tower boasts 24-hour security, concierge & valet services, a fitness center, massage rooms, a breathtaking rooftop pool, spa, and a club room with fireplaces, reading nooks, and areas to relax and entertain, all within a comfortable walking distance to Fashion Square Mall, Old Town Scottsdale, and the many fine restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries.

#2.  2 Biltmore Est #310, Phoenix, AZ 85016, $3,097,000 

Architectural Photography by Michael Baxter, Baxter Imaging LLC

The new owners of this three-bedroom, three&half-bathroom condominium at TWO BILTMORE ESTATES not only get to enjoy exquisite golf course, mountain, AND city light views within the heart of the Biltmore. They’ll also be part of the 2 Biltmore lifestyle! 

#3. 6152 N Las Brisas Dr #200, Paradise Valley, AZ 85253, $2,693,884 

The 10 most expensive condo sales in the Scottsdale area in 2017 3

Coming in hot at #3 is unit (or should I say Villa) #200 in the brand-new development VILLAS AT MOUNTAIN SHADOWS in Paradise Valley – Yes this is not Scottsdale or Phoenix but Paradise Valley. Another three-bedroom, three& half bathroom and is 3,615 square feet.  These Luxury New Villas feature iconic Camelback Mountain views in Mountain Shadows Resort Paradise Valley location where you can enjoy resort living with full amenities at. 

#4 – #7 2 Biltmore Est Phoenix, AZ 85016 $2.6M – $2.28

The 10 most expensive condo sales in the Scottsdale area in 2017 8Another batch of the 2 Biltmore Est landed at number 4 to number 7. These units sold ranging from $2.28 – $2.6 million. Not all these were penthouse units, some were on the 1st floor.  

#8 15215 N Kierland Blvd #838, Scottsdale, AZ 85254, $2,300,000 

The 10 most expensive condo sales in the Scottsdale area in 2017 5

PLAZA LOFTS finally make the list at #8. This corner unit on the 8th floor above the KIERLAND COMMONS. Unit 838 boasts stunning views and high-end finishes. Overlooking Westin Kierland Golf Course is unlike anything else we’ve seen and comes with a lifestyle like no other. The new owners can spread out over three bedrooms, three bathrooms and 2,802 square feet of beautifully designed living space. 

#9 140 E Rio Salado Pkwy Penthouse 1205, Tempe, AZ 85281, $2,200,500

The 10 most expensive condo sales in the Scottsdale area in 2017 6 

The largest Penthouse (5,000 sf) sale of the year was Bridgeview At Hayden Ferry Lakeside Penthouse. The buyer, will enjoy breathtaking lakeside, mountain and city light views; and can choose to entertain inside the 5000-sf residence in the sky or outside in one of the few multiple patios that spread across the building. The open floorplan and floor-to-ceiling glass make for a breathtaking entry experience. The 5,000-square-foot residence has three bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms. 

#10. 6901 E 1St St Apt 1007, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, $2,191,633 

The 10 most expensive condo sales in the Scottsdale area in 2017 7

Last but certainly not least is the NEW CITY MODERN LUXURY Elegant living designed by world renowned Architect Will Bruder and Located in the heart of Scottsdale’s Downtown Urban Arts District, Eldorado on 1st. for more information visit

What can we expect for next year? Currently SCOTTSDALE WATERFRONT RESIDENCES Penthouse #1202 is next in line to close as its pending at $3.6 million. Expect the condo sales, both in this luxury market and elsewhere, to continue to be strong as people look to simplify their lives. There will be some resale of high-end condominiums as prospectors who bet on the market look to make a profit, and well see another record breaking year for condominium and penthouse living.