Rich History – Frank Lloyd Wright Home up For Sale If the Walls Can Speak!

Price Tag: $2,379,000

Beds: 4

Bath: 4

Size: 2,553

Location: Camelback Rd & Acadia Dr.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of history, rich history! Frank Lloyd  right designed this unique house and separate guest quarters/office in Arcadia, which sit on a phenomenal 2-acre lot with pristine views of Camelback Mountain, in 1952 for his son David. This circular home, featuring ceilings, custom cabinetry and furniture made from Philippine mahogany, as well as spiral design elements repeated in the Guggenheim Museum, is as unique as the talents the great FLW possessed.

There is so many options you have with this property.

1. And this is the best option, live in the home.  The history this property has is phenomenal; Mr Frank Lloyd Wright has been through the doors, passed by the walls, and slept in the house.  He designed it for his son,  You might even get some sort of inspiration living in the property. If the walls could speak and they might just do that to the buyer.

2. You can offer this property as a weekly or seasonal rental, furnish it and depending on the renter offer butler service, car service, etc.

3. Offer the property for events, parties, etc.

The property does need work the buyer, could face improvement costs in excess of $300,000, according to an assessment commissioned by Phoenix to determine the cost to restore the house but this is a great property for future investments, has rich history, and is well known in Arizona and throughout the country.

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  1. Everyone desires to have a lavish life. Luxury home is a part of such lifestyle. Having a luxury home would definitely give you a sense of pride. Moreover if you own a couple of luxury homes then you can even rent them and earn a huge amount from it. Other option is that you can enjoy your luxury homes with your family, friends and other corporate friends. Can invite them to your home for a small get together or something like that.

  2. You are right Tony we all do desire to live a lavish lifestyle. As a young Realtor touring or helping clients buy or sell a Luxury Home gives me the keys and opportunity to live a small part of the luxury living and for that moment I feel as the home is mine and I am living similar to how they live. These homes are truly unique and the property you commented on is one of the most unique properties out there as it was built by Frank Lloyd Wright.

    Yes luxury homes are a great source of rental income it amazes me how much high end jet set clients will pay for a month’s stay at some of these properties. Some will shed upwards of 20K a mo and I hear at least 50-100K+ in areas like California, NY, Miami, Hawaii, etc. You can also show off a home like these to any of your family, friends, and clients. If you have clients bring them to your lavish pad and I guarantee you will close any deal! Real Estate is an easy investment.

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