Bachelorette vs. Bachelor Pads What Women Want!

Women Closet

Forget about the Bachelor, this is all about the Bachelorette!

Forget being homemakers—single women are now homebuyers. Since the mid-1990s, single women have purchased homes at nearly twice the rate of single men. Last year, single female homeowners made up 18 percent of household composition. Today more than ever single women are making moves, making money, and becoming extremely powerful.  Single women also love to house shop and let me tell you from experience they know exactly what they want, don’t put up with any BS, and are extremely tough when it comes to negotiations.

So what do women want in a lavish luxury pad ? And how is it different than what single man wants?

From experience both single men and single women want similar features (used for completely different reasons) when it comes to their house hunting.


  • They both want designer or special kitchens (Most men need a nice space to put their takeout and most women love to cook). High End Appliances a must.
  • Both Men and Women would love a place close to the action, nightlife, dining, shopping, and proximity to a gym or yoga studio. Women usually care more about location and less about home size, to men size matters.
  • The Huge walk in closets is equivalent to the Man Cave. A Women needs a place to put her designer Shoes, designer clothes, sunglasses, expensive jewelry, and luxury watches.
  • A comfortable place for socializing: It could be a kitchen island, a comfortable den (To men it’s the Man Cave), anywhere with chairs in front of a fireplace, or by the pool overlooking the city.
  • Both agree that if you are single and house shopping for yourself Low maintenance, such as “no-paint exterior siding, no-fuss landscaping, and homes that are new or recently renovated,” are preferred.
  • Parking: A women is happy with 2, maybe 3 Car Garages. To men size matters and we would love 3+ car garages. For men it’s an ego booster to say I have a 4, 5, 6, 8, or 10 Car Garage!
  • Views!!! A freaking must!!!!
  • A Bathtub is another must and one large enough.

Luxury Bathroom

Please comment below if there is anything to add to the list of what single women want vs. what men want

If you are looking for an Arizona Lavish Pad we would love to help you find it!  Call 480.458.8007, Email, or fill out our Contact form.

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