Yes Paradise Valley AZ Luxury Real Estate is Very Expensive, Scottsdale a Close but Far Second

Most Expensive Home Sold Paradise Valley

Once again Paradise Valley, Arizona (85253) leads the way in most expensive home sales prices.  Scottsdale is a close but far second.  Phoenix (85016 & 85018) and Peoria (85383) were at the end of the list with 5 and 1 expensive home sale.  Scottsdale is truly not even close when you look at homes sold above 5 million; the city only had one, Paradise Valley had 9. Phoenix, Arizona known as Arcadia (85018) had the second highest home sales price.

For Scottsdale zip code 85255 had 9 homes sold above 3 Million, this would be homes sold in Silverleaf and Desert Highlands.  Peoria came out of nowhere with a 3.2 Million dollar home sale, the most expensive it has recorded ever.

This year so far has been a strong year for luxury homes sales in the Phoenix Area.  There have been a total of 170 plus more homes sold above 1 million this year (2013) vs. Last Year (2012) with triple the homes sold above 5 million this year vs. last.

The luxury home market is hot and does not seem to be cooling off anytime soon.  We understand that we are not California, New York, or Manhattan but our properties are similar, sometimes larger, and less expensive.  Many of our properties here bring the true essence of Desert Living and if that’s what you’re looking for then its time you consider Arizona as a place to buyer your next lavish pad.

Luxury Home Sales Above 3 Million

Paradise Valley = 19

Scottsdale = 15

–          85259 = 1

–          85258 = 1

–          85255 = 9

–          85251 = 2

–          85262 = 2

Phoenix = 5

–          85018 = 3

–          85016 = 2

Peoria = 1

By the Numbers:

Luxury Home Sales over 1 Million Over 3 Million Over 5 Million
2012 = 640 2012 = 40 (Tie) 2012 = 4
2013 = 819 2013 = 40 (Tie) 2013 = 12


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