November is the best time to sell a Luxury home in Phoenix-Scottsdale-Mesa area. Avoid listing in January.

Timing is everything in real estate and if you want to sell a luxury home in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley or Mesa, Arizona, here’s the best (and worst) times to sell.

We’re told that in life if you want to see results on anything, it boils down to timing. When it comes to figuring out when would be the best time to sell your property, timing isn’t everything. Yes, there are certain times throughout the year when the market is particularly busy, but there are other factors you have to consider when deciding to sell now or wait.

Best Time Sell a Luxury Home in The Valley of the Sun

Across the nation, it’s widely accepted that June and July are the best times of the year to sell real estate. However, one would think that due to the extreme heat Arizonian’s face during these months, sellers probably wouldn’t get the kind of action they’re looking for. That’s not the case at all!

According to data gathered by Homelight, November is the best time to sell a luxury house. By selling in November, it’s estimated that you can sell your home for 5.73% more than the yearly average. Keep in mind that it usually takes about 3 months to close on a home, so you’d have to list your property in August.

Now, if you want to sell your property quickly, you should list your property in July, your house could sell four days faster than if you listed in any other month. Listing in July would set your closing date somewhere in October.

Worst Time to Sell a Luxury Home in The Valley of the Sun ☀️!

Whenever there is the “best” of something, you’re going to have to face the “worst” too. Homeowners who are interested in selling property in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Mesa should avoid listing your property in January because you could see a 6.47% decrease in home price. Also, listing in January means your property could stay on the market nine days longer than if you list during any other month.

Variables to Consider

At the end of the day, the best time to sell is going to be determined by your circumstances. Sometimes things are outside of your control and you might have no choice but to put your property on the market at the worst time. Under these circumstances, it’s always a good idea to try to sell your property as quickly as possible.

A top selling real estate agent can help you figure out a solid game plan and how to move forward. They’ll advise you about how to get your home ready for selling (cleaning, making repairs, staging, etc.) and they’ll create a solid marketing strategy that should include multiple streams of advertising (MLS, social media, fliers, open houses, etc.).

Ultimately, your real estate agent is working on your behalf to get you the most money for your property and to close as quickly as possible. Trust them and heed their advice. They wouldn’t steer you wrong!

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